Bad results over the phone??

Hi All,

Would you ever get bad results over the phone or do they always book face to face appointments for that? 

Many thanks 



Waiting for results can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t know the ropes and the hospital’s routines. And this is the problem - it all depends on the hospital and the circumstances.

In my experience, results etiquette indicates a few possibilities:

1 Very seriously bad results - a phone call requesting you attend clinic within days.  Probably a suggestion you bring someone with you. There is no point asking questions as the person will be admin.

2 Worrying/unclear news - rarely given over the phone. A face-to-face session, with a breast care nurse in attendance, is normal practice. This may be a week or so after tests. Treatment can’t be rushed

3 Nothing to worry about - may be given over the phone, depending on staffing and clinic appointments but generally courtesy indicates a face-to-face appointment.

4 Silence - either test results have gone AWOL or an appointment letter is in the post. Basically, no news is good news.

Where at all possible, all results, good/bad or unclear, would be given face to face unless your hospital does it differently. Remember that 90% of all referrals to breast clinics turn out to be benign conditions and silence can be good.

If it helps, I was given my Stage 4 diagnosis over Zoom during Covid. There were 5 people in their room, catering for all possible questions I might have. I had only one; mainly I was concerned with how on earth to tell my husband!

There’s no point telling you not to worry, it’s probably too late, but you might consider that 90%. Pretty good odds and why shouldn’t you be in the 90% rather than the unlucky 10%. Overturn your thinking - it may help. Fingers crossed for you xx