Bad treatment at the clinic, scared and looking for advice


Im not sure if I am in the right place at all, and I’m so sorry if I am! Im not sure where else I could go?

Im 22, and I have a hard and painful mass in my breast. My gp referred me to the breast clinic, where I was treated awfully! After an ultrasound, I was told that the mass was probably normal breast tissue, and as im young I shouldn’t worry! The scan alone left me in so much pain that I was physically sick afterwards. When I queried this with the doctor, he was very disinterested, again due to my age.

I said I was unhappy with the lack of diagnosis, and had a second opinion with the consultant yesterday. He was more dismissive than the first doctor, and refused to even examine me. He gave me a leaflet on breat pain and sent me away. I am still in a lot of pain, even after taking strong pain killers.

Has anyone else experienced this, and should i still be concerned? Thank you so much for reading this!

Slc x



I can’t offer any medical advice (obviously, it would be completely inappropriate).  However, if you are not happy with your treatment/diagnosis, do NOT let it go.  Arrange to see your GP again (or other doctor at your surgery - a female dr, might be more open to your concerns) or the consultant at the clinic and take a long a friend / family member for support.  Yes, you are young, but I think the whole point of these forums, and the gazillion facebook memes of oranges, is that cancer can happen to anyone, at any age.  You clearly have discomfort, and it is worrying you, and I doubt you will be happy until you know the underlying cause - so go back, with someone who will fight your corner / stand up for you.  Oh, and if the lack of ‘bedside manner’ happened whilst at your local / hospital Breast Clinic, ask for a Macmillan / Breast Care nurse to be present too.  Also, get them to explain what they saw on the ultrasound that makes them think it’s normal breast tissue, and what else could be happening to explain the pain - ask if you should have further tests… don’t let them ‘side line you’ just because you’re 22.  


I hope it all turns out to be something simple / minor, but if it doesn’t, you’ll be glad you went back and pushed for your symptons to be properly considered / diagnosed sooner. 

I agree with othee comment…if you are not happy go back to your GP and tell them exactly what you have told us on the forum…x