Bald patch as hair regrows

Hi all

Its been 8 weeks since my last chemo session. My hair has started to grow back slowly, but theres a patch just a bit bigger than a 50p that is completely bald. The rest of my head has some hair growth…

As anyone had this?..i worried it wont grow back in that area.


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I found rubbing sunny isle extra dark Jamaican black castor oil into my scalp and leaving for an hour before washing with lush shampoo bar new (which looked like a solid red dot) got everything growing back ok when nothing appeared to be growing back (quite a few of us used these with success back in 2017/2018) hope that helps but do speak to your team too or ring tge nurse on here :heart: I’m sure others will pop on too :two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Hi. At 8 weeks post chemo I had three bald areas on crown. Now at 13 weeks the hair has started to cover these and there’s about a quarter of an inch of growth. At the back, sides and front there’s about an inch. I did read on a website somewhere that the crown is often slower to grow.

I massaged Bio oil in every night so don’t know if that helped. Think massage in general is good for growth. I have chemo curls now. Hopefully you’ll see some growth soon. Take care. x

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I used Rosemary hair growth oil (can get from Amazon). My hair isn’t as thick as it used to be but that could be due to menopause.

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I’m almost 10 weeks past final chemo. I’ve only used baby shampoo all the way through. I’ve read that gentle massage with pads of finger tips help blood flow to stimulate hair follicles. As I’ve seen elsewhere, hair on the back and sides of my head is growing nicely, but crown is a bit slower and more patchy. But it is coming through.

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Its going to grow back but 100% agree that regular daily head massage helps
I bought Watermans serum at the end of my chemo and used it along with a gentle ( no sulphates or parabens) shampoo . In my case this was from Tropic but lots available if you search

It might be worth chatting to Cancer Hair Care charity, your team or the nurses on here for further advice in the meantime some wired hair bands ( i had a leopard print one) or a wonderful scarf rolled into a turban ( headwrappers charity or look good feel better websites are great at advice) to cover up the area

Best wishes

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