Baldy names

To keep my sense of humour going when I first lost my hair I asked my family to come up with some likenesses I was likened to;
Demi Moore in GI Jane
Mini Me
Duncan Goodhew
Matt Lucas

Now that its growing back my son says I look like the mad professor on Back to the Future.When I wash the fluff that I have I look like I have an electric shock

i am called right said karen all the time

regards karen

my son said i looked like the baddie in a james bond movie…

Luckily I didnt need chemo because my son said I would look like Daavid, the only gay in the village without hair!!

my oh calls me spike…as in hedgehog

My daughters friend said I looked just like Sinead O’Conner. Well the though was there anyway - I’m 52 & actually look more like Yoda than Yoda does.

I resembled Derek Faye from the Catherine Tate Show when I was on chemo!

‘gay dear, me dear, no dear! I find you impertinent!’,


Yull Brynner except I haven’t got the suntan

I look like my brother!! he said it had put him off a) losing weight and b) dressing in women’s clothes! I think my sister in law was relieved. My youngest has a warped mind and calls me Denzyl - here goes with the link… BC read DC as in Washington DC hence Denzyl Washington. I really worry for his development!!

jayne x

My daughter tells me she thinks I look lovely with the wig and without, she’s 7. My son, 9, has been praying for me to get better for my hair to grow. Funny it’s affected him more than my daugther.

My Dad has been bald for a couple of decades and it really suits him, shame I can’t say the same about me.

Pauline x

I was likened to
1 uncle Fester ( adams family)
2 Dopey from the seven dwarves
3 a pencil with a rubber on the end.

Post mastectomy my nickname is Charlie Short ( because…yes, you are right, I am now a charlie short)

Who needs enemies!

I got ‘Dalai Lama’ from my mother! Whenever I walked in the room it was always “ey up, here comes the dalai lama”!

Well in our family I am just said to have “a matching hairstyle to my new granddaughter”

3 people have called me ‘Tank Girl’ after the cartoon character,
its just starting to grow so at mo Im also called’ fluffy chicken’’
also get ‘Brugel’ after the paintings,

topper loved your charlie short!

j xx

my sister said i looked like my mum…that scared the sh.t out of me. i think i would rather look like yoda

My nickname is “baldilocks”! Chosen by me like you say to add a bit of humour.

My brother first called me Britney after she shaved her head.

I have also been called Sinead O’Connor, Harry Hill, Matt Lucas

I got baldilocks and Tom Thumb from my teenage daughter and my 3yr old nephew was devasted when he saw my hair had grown back - he told me I looked like a puffball.