Bandanas Does anyone know any good websites I can get some Bandanas from, thanks in advance
Sue x

Hi, I lost my hair last November. I currently have a very grey crew cut, but am on my second load of chemo so I think I’m going to be bald again by next weekend.

I got all my bandanas from which is a small firm in County Durham. They are well made as they are specially cut for chemo patients and come in all different colours, they also do patterns which I have bought a few of for the summer months. I have found their products to be reasonably priced (I have a few hats as well) and they despatch things very quickly and email you when they have been posted. They can put fleece inside the bandanas for a small extra cost, I had this inside all my winter colours and it was really cosy.

I also bought a couple of quilted skull caps from They give your head a better shape under bandanas etc., you don’t have that bald bonce look with them.

TBH, I can’t be bothered with my wig and have only worn it 3 times. I love wearing my bandanas and my hats though!

Buffs Hi Sue

I got my buffs from They are very comfy to wear and I even wore one in bed last night - it gets a bit chilly. I also got a summer buff which has UV filter that I am wearing in the garden today.

They cost £10.99 and £11.99 for the summer ones, £2 P&P and came very quicly and you can wear them is lots of different ways.


Hello Sue

Another couple of good sites are:

they are in the USA but their stuff arrives in about 5 days usually. As well as their scarves and hats their terry towelling sleep caps are lovely and comfortable - i wear one around the house all the time.

Also good is

they have some lovely Indian cotton scarves which are pretty and comfortable to wear. I was surprised how sore my head was when my hair fell out and I have found cotton things very comfortable to wear.
Best wishes


I got all my bandanas from ebay.
There is a load to choose from and very cheap.

I hope this helps?

Julie. x

bandanas and scarves Hi - I have just started chemo - I have used Nice selection of ready tied bandanas and scarves + square scarves and bandanas. Reasonable price also very fast, good arrived in 2 days.

Good luck with your treatment - so far mine has been better than I expected.

Love Swanie