Just been in to Birmingham town to Claire’s accessories and bandanas were buy3 get 3 free x so got 6 for £16 xx

Bargain!!! I’m in Birmingham Tues/Weds for a large gathering.xx

Whereabouts will you be ck? X the offer might be on at all Claire’s accessories x this was one in town centre on new street nit far from train station xx

I also bought a hat ? And I actually really like it so got it on tonight in my friends garden with BBQ cooking tea and a mojito in hand xx

Was only s fiver from Claire’s accessories I will putbpic on when I can get in my computer don’t know how to do on phone xx

Thank for the pose SueW

I might bling my hat for night times??x

I had a lovely day in Birmingham today and staying the night at Ibis, having lunch, then homeward bound. Traffic on M6 going back was horrendous, hope it’s clearer tomorrow.xx

So glad you enjoyed yourself I was worried you would find it tiring xxx safe journey home ?

Morning SueW
Surprisingly enough I wasn’t tired yesterday but I am today as not really slept in the hotel and now they have started drilling it’s doing my head in. Check out at 12, lunch with aunty and then homeward bound.x