I was watching the news this morning just before I left for work and caught a discussion about the new leaflet for partners of those suffering from breast cancer.

I was pleased to hear - in passing - that the reporter mentioned that both men and women get breast cancer. Thereafter it was only concerned with women.

Nevertheless, a step ahead again I think! - and really good publicity for BCC.

Best wishes to all.


Willy the Newsreader How about making the News Bill instead of reading it - shall we start our own campaign - see how we get on
May have to wait until Brian is available after his tour.

David W

Haven’t gone yet. Fellas, I fly out tonight, but I agree we need to get our act together.

I was watching Jeremy Kyle, this afternoon - not through choice I hasten to add - but he put on a good show telling some amazing stories about children who had birth anomolies and had been through the mill, but still remained cheerful and positive.

I reckon if the three of us, and maybe Chris, got together and approached a show like this we might get a foothold into the media world.

We would have to be sure what points we would like to make and try and steer the program in that direction.

What do you think?



PS - I fly out at 11pm but I should be back late next week - provided the aircraft turns out to be reliable.

— HI

Hope that you don’t mind me popping in.

My husband and I were interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning about the new ‘In it together’ guide. I had been planning to say something about men being diagnosed but my chemo/nappy brain and a touch of stage fright got the better of me and it slipped my mind.

I hope that the feature and guide will raise awareness of what we have been through supporting or being supported.

With best wishes from Becks

Brian and TV Brian - I am up for that - contact me when you return - lets see what we can organise.
Chris is up for it too - he came to my house on Tuesday - told him about the 3 of us - he wants to make it 4

I am out of the country myself from Thursday to Sunday - see you all again next week.

David W


Our local paper The Watford Observer devoted a whiole page on this feature today,in which Myself and my wife feature we are so grateful to them for the publicity and to Bcc for this much needed long overdue leaflet. we will ensure that all the hospitals in are area have these to hand to give out at the time of diagnosis.


today on GMTV Hi all.

Just to say I was on GMTV this morning regarding breast cancer in men as the new figures show that too many leave it too late for treatment to survive, 75 of every 200…
I am trying to do my bit locally to raise awareness.
My wife and I are also in the Watford Observer today in connection with the “in it together” publication
Please feel free to contact me at any time.

I took part in the BCC fashion show last October and was the Only man with 22 lady survivors … you missed it chaps !!!

Moving post Hi Mike

I am going to move this to a new topic so it will be more easily seen.

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