BC/diabetes/liver met diagnosis in 6 weeks

Good evening all.  I am posting for info for my sister in law.  I have been a member of this site since my own primary BC a number of years ago but I am now back looking for information/experiences for my sister in law.

6 weeks ago she was diagnosed with primary BC,  the following week with a rare form of diabetes - Hybrid diabetes not type one nor two but sometimes known as MODY or type 1.5.  Today has the news that stage 4 with a liver met.

She has been started on insulin and trying to get blood sugars in order to start chemo.

I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who can offer any insight into chemo and diabetes, if anyone out there with the specific type of diabetes mentioned I would be really interested to hear from you.

Thank you so much in advance, and I hope that I have posted in the correct area, I wasn’t sure if I should be in secondaries, newly diagnosed or a different area.

thank you



Hi ness1

I am a diabetes nurse specialist diagnosed with BC in 2019. The best thing for your sister in law is that she is referred as a matter of urgency to the diabetes nurses based at the hospital where she is having her treatment. 

We are well versed in looking after people going through chemotherapy and the importance of ensuring that diabetes is well controlled. We understand the urgency in cases like your sister in law and diabetes nurses are the best people to help and support your sister in law as she goes through her treatment. Oncologists will usually refer patients to our team but if this has not been done your sister in law can request a referral. 

Big hugs to you and your sister in law