BC exercises, how often and how long


I am very concerned about mobility in my arms and so from day 1 after the op religiously did the excercises three times a day, progressing on to the more taxing ones and being as good as gold.

Now three weeks post op and have rads coming next month, told to carry on exercises to keep mobility during rads. But to be quite honest now that I am out and about and doing normal things, it is so hard to remember them and fit them in, I am down to twice a day. I think i would be more motivated if i had problems moving and stretching but I am fine now. So it feels like going through the motions just to keep it all working.

so my question is, how long have you kept on with the exercises and how often do you do them.

oh dear, confession time! Like you, I did them “religiously” to start with - now that I’m doing stuff, I keep forgetting… hopefully doing things like hanging washing on line IS physio… I had got it down to once a day, but haven’t done it for weeks now… I think once a day would be good (lectures self)…

Four years on and I still do them every day. If I miss for a while (even just a week on holiday) I begin to lose mobility in my shoulder - not immediately obvious but when I go back to the stretching exercises I cannot stretch as far.

I plan on doing them everyday for the rest of my life.

Nearly a year on and still doing the “full set” once per day, plus a few extra stretches during the day. If I don’t do enough I find that after a few days I start to stiffen up on that side. But on the plus side, as a result of continuing with the exercises I’ve got fantastic arm & shoulder mobility, so it’s worth it.

I’m probably going to have to continue with the exercises for the rest of my life. I’ve incorporated 20 mins of exercise each evening into my daily routine.

Sarah x