BCC Glasgow Show 2012

Hi there

I’ve just been told that I’ve been selected to model in the Glasgow Show in December - totally excited (and a wee bit nervous!!)

I wondered who will be joining me …?

Shenagh xx

Well done!

Im sure youll have a fabby time and meet some great people.I was a model in 2010 and still in contact with most of the others, so it was well worth it- Ill be looking for you in the Sunday Mail!!
Cathie x


Anyone else out there?



Ive been selected too and a bit nervous, especially re Saturday for the welcome day and how I look right now, I know by September I will have more hair and will lose some weight!!

Looking forward to meeting everyone.



well done :slight_smile:

that should be good :slight_smile:

Hi Dawn, look forward to meeting you on saturday. I’m a bit nervous but very excited.

Thanks babychops : )

Shenagh xx

And the show is obviously in September, not December as I appear to have put in my first post - blame it on rads brain!!

You will have a ball. I did the show in 2010 with Cathie …hi Cathie!! We had a great time and have lots of fab memories.
Enjoy evey minute!!!

sue xx