BCNS - Survey

May I draw everyones attention to a survey currently being undertaken by Breakthrough Breast Cancer into the effectiveness of BCNs. Something on which I am sure we all have something to say! The survey needs to be completed on line on their site by either tomorrow 23/11 or can be printed off and returned Freepost by 5/10. I hope I can encourage as many of us as possible to take the time to do this as hopefully it might lead to improvements.

My particular area of concern is the fitting of prosthesis about which I have never been approached. On everything I have to make the first move. i cannot understand why a voucher cannot be given to say the value of £100 to each patient who has a mx if they want to make their own arrangements. We could then choose one we liked and visit the suppliers direct ie like Amoena for instance who supply to the NHS anyway.

The same could be done with wigs which I believe happens in some areas anyway. I feel this would also save the NHS a lot of money as we could go to the specialists direct. What do others think?

i’ve just been looking and i can not find the survey… what section is it in…?

Hi there

Just completed it.

Rhapsody angel, you should find it towards the bottom of the home page, rhs, where it says ‘Breast cancer patients wanted for…’

The link is:

Thanks for telling us about this, Starfish!



Hi - Its either on the opening page or in the news section. Its entitled Breast Cancer patients wanted and goes on to say it is being conducted at Liverpool John Moores University. Its open to anyone who has had bc in the last 10 years. It is a long questionnaire covering every aspect it seems. I have printed off and will post.

thanks for alerting us to this… it’s easy to complete online and took less time than their estimate