Beckenham / Bromley Fundraising group

Hey all,

I’m Kelly, and I am writing on here to inform people that I have started a fundraising group in the Beckenham / Bromley area, specifically fundraising for Breast Cancer Care.

I am setting up the fundraising group because my mother has breast cancer, and Breast Cancer Care have been amazing to my mum. She used the HeadStrong service and we were so appreciative of the support they were offering her. I want to be able to give something back to Breast Cancer Care.

You can find us on Facebook - Redirecting...

I am looking for people who want to become a part of this group, to meet up on a fortnightly / monthly basis to get to know each other and to get some more ideas of how we can raise awareness of this disease, as well as raising vital funds.

Some ideas that have come to light so far include;

  • Sponsored Walkof 5 miles around London, seeing some of the sights, whilst stopping off at Hyde Park for a packed lunch.
  • Live Music Nights in a London venue (Tribute artists, local bands, and so on)
  • Comedy & Quiz nights
  • Raising awareness in a local Supermarket (that I happen to work in!)
  • Selling old / new items on eBay, with 100% of the money raised going to the charity
  • Online competitions to gain awareness of Breast Cancer Care

If you’re interested please visit the Facebook page and message us on there, or via our email address

I am quite young (24) and have some really good ideas for, not just fundraising, but for raising awareness too, especially with younger people.

Thank You.

hi well done! do you know that there is a group in that area selbct x