Becoming obssessed

I was diagnosed 18 months ago-grade 2 stage 2 primary breast cancer. ER+ and HER2+. Had chemo, rads and have 2 Herceptin left then all done apart from Anastrazole. Life is pretty much “back to normal” now, albeit a very different normal to pre diagnosis. However, I find myself thinking and talking more about it about now than I ever have done. I relate almost everything to my cancer and am aware that when talking, I always bring it up at some point in the conversation. I do try not to but struggle and worry that everyone is a bit tired of hearing about it now. It’s like I’ve had 2 lives-before cancer and after. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi Mac

            I totally get you, I was the same I am 2 1/2 years since dx and about a year ago I was exactly the same, i needed to talk abouit it all the time. from waking up in the am to going to bed cancer was there in the forefront of my mind, I think its because its sort of hits us what has happened and what we have been through, during active treatment its so full on dealing with it that we go onto automatic pilot to get through it, but when it quietens down a bit it just hits us like a steam train, thats how I felt anyway , Im somewhat better now but will admit I still think about it daily just dont talk about it quite as much I dont feel the need to now I dont no why, im just hoping that one day I will wake up and it not be at the forefront ofmy mind, im sure it will dont get me wrong I live life to the full now, I work, i go away weekends and holiday when I can etc I just have different worries now to before bc, hope things improve for you soon



Thanks for your reply Lottie

It’s reassuring to hear that I’m not alone with this. Hopefully, it will start to improve soon. It’s weird isn’t it-my whole perspective on life has changed and I am a very different person than I was pre cancer. I would like to think I’m a better person for my experiences but it’s hard going alot of the time. Wishing you well x