Bee Propolis and Royal Jelly are not recommended for ER+/PR+ breast cancer patients

Whilst reviewing this site for potential complementary alternatives to help my wife overcome her ER+ BC, I came across mention of Bee Propolis for the first time. This looked promising so I decided to research the product a little more and found on the website the following article:


Propolis and royal jelly are not recommended


Propolis (also known as bee glue or hive dross) is a waxy resinous substance used by honeybees in hive construction and maintenance. It is made by bees from plant resins, essential oils and pollen. The chemical composition of propolis can vary greatly from region to region. Propolis has been used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ills and it continues to be used today. Propolis contains several compounds with suspected or demonstrated anti-cancer effects, including chrysin, caffeic acid phenethyl ester, and galangin. Brazilian propolis has been shown to suppress tumor-induced angiogenesis, apparently through action of its component artepillin C (i.e., 3,5-diprenyl-4-hydroxycinnamic acid, typically not found in propolis of European origin).

However, Brazilian propolis has also been found to cause acute kidney failure. Propolis has been shown to produce estrogenic effects in human breast cancer cells through activation of estrogen receptors. One 2016 study reported that Turkish propolis in low doses protected ER+/PR+ breast cancer cells by inhibiting cellular apoptosis (programmed cell death). We do not recommend taking propolis as a dietary supplement.

Royal jelly is a bee secretion that is used to feed the larvae in a honey bee colony. It has traditionally been thought to improve menopausal symptoms. Royal jelly has been found to have estrogenic effects in human breast cancer cells, enhancing their proliferation. It should also be avoided by breast cancer patients, survivors and those at high risk.


In respect of the above I will not be pursuing this as a complementary measure for my wife. has anyone any information contrary to the above? I would be most grateful for any advice in helping wifey get over this.


Many thanks.

May be worth asking this in the "Ask the nurses section " see what their advice is.Jill.

Hi thanks for posting this also royal jelly and bee propolis is  marketed in a lot of moisturisers mainly hand and face creams so that is good to know when making decisions about what to buy so many things to be wary of its a bit of a minefield x

Here are some links from studies that show that propolis is beneficial in preventing the growth of tumors in breast cancer.

I also have doubts about using propolis. But most of the content I found on the Internet is indicative of its usefulness.