been diagnosed at 26 anyone else out there?

I was diagnosed with BC on January 6th and since had two surgeries and had my second dose of chemo last week also getting zoladex, wondering if anyone else out there similar age who would like a wee chat? starting to feel a little isolated x x x

Hi Brienne
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis … Im not in your age range (which I was !!!) but Im sure you will receive lots of replies and support from everyone one here - and you will very quickly realise you are not on your own and hopefully not isolated…

Take care
Sue xx

Hi Brienne

I was 30 when dx - when i was 26 i thought 30 is really old- but now i am 31 still feel not much difference than 26 … not wiser for sure… hehe

I was dx last Sep and now I finished chemo and radios for a month now.

How are you and what chemo you are having? hope the side effect is not too bad?

take care



I was 22 at dx and am now 23…there is a few of us, but i know how you feel when you say that you feel isolated! Your not alone and it does get easier. I didnt have to have chemo as mine was low grade stage 1 oestrogen +.I am neary a year on and my life is getting back to normal(ish). I had a double mastectomy and am on hormone therapy and they havebeen really difficult to deal with…but it does get better!

Feel free to PM me.

Emily xxxx


I’m nearly a year from dx and was just turned 24… I understand the feeling of being isolated but this website is great and there are a few of us on here on the younger side.

I had 6 TAC chemo, 5 weeks radio, Herceptin, Tamoxifen and just started on Zoladex… feel free to PM me for a chat!

Keep strong and it goes so quickly!

Erin x

Hi Erin,

Hope that your getting on a bit better no…I know that we were both a bit paranoid!! Just wanted to say hi and hope your getting better! xx

Hi there
I’m Allie 29 and recently diagnosed my lumpectomy is scheduled for the 28th but so get the isolation feeling. Asked my nurse how many under 30’s they get referred her and she said about 3 a year. You’re ahead of me so can’t offer advice etc but just to let you know you’re not alone. Good luck and maybe you can give me chemo tips!
Lol Allie

Hi Emily,

I’m doing really well thank you! Back to work and getting back to a normal life eventually! lol… its been a while!

How are you getting on?

Erin x