Been diagnosed with breast cancer

Been told today I have grade 2 breast cancer I don’t think it has hit me yet. Don’t know what to think as yet, even know my mum had gone though it twice I don’t want to worry her more.

hi Clare,
Welcome to the forum, although I’m sure you wish you didn’t need to come here.
The early days of diagnosis are the worst, as diagnosis is a shock, but it does get better when your treatment plan is in place & treatment is very good now.
There is loads of support here, so do come & chat or vent whenever you need to.
Sorry to hear your mum has been through this, but although you don’t want to worry her, she would most likely want to support you.
ann x

Hi Clare. I was told last Wednesday that I have breast cancer in my right boob and at least one lymph node. They haven’t graded me yet but have said it’s pretty advanced across the whole boob. ? I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions since then. I’ve found telling people has really helped. My mam is still grieving the loss of my dad so she was one of the hardest to tell. However, I’m pleased I did as she’s been wonderful and I know she would of been upset if she wasn’t able to support me.
My absolute terror at the situation is starting to subside as I’m now focusing on the practical elemnets of preparing for my mastectomy and making plans for later in the year when this horrible episode is behind me.
This forum is brilliant, and I don’t know what I would of done without it when I had my initial meltdowns. Being able to speak to others in a similar situation is priceless. X



give yourself a bit of time to process it all.  Your mum is a huge source of knowledge and comfortt so use that But perhaps wait a day before telling her.  I contacted a friend who had been through it and felt much better afterwards.  This waiting bit between diagnosis and treatment is horrible.  I am in limbo at the moment myself and trying not to worry about money, etc.  I think your mum could really help you clear your head and go with you to appts, if appropriate.  It depends on her personality and only you can know this.  I was most worried about telling my mother but she was ok and I marshalled my sisters’ support too to ensure she doesn’t worry too much.

Thanks for you kind words I am still in abit of a daze really, not been sleeping well and can’t switch off. I just waiting to hear what the plan is tomorrow. Hope you all are getting better x

Sending you a hug for tomorrow, we’ll all be thinking of you. Once your treatment plan is in place you’ll feel a little more settled and can tackle your journey one step at a time.

Love & light

Donna x

Thanks Donna. the love from everyone on here when I read other ladies stories is amazing when we don’t really know each other, it will make all our bad and good time a lot easier to talk to people who know what each one is going though.

I feel better that I spoken to my Macmillan nurse and I have an appointment with the surgeon on Monday, and my pre op Thursday glad to know I have a plan in place to get started. That it my choice in the end what I want doing x