Been for lymph node biopsy results - told not conclusive & they need to run more tests ????

Spent the week half dreading, half just wanting to know what the verdict is.  Spent an hour waiting for my appointment & then the consultant says ‘tests aren’t conclusive, have to run more on the sample’.  I tried to get some details from him, but he was quite cagey & would only say it could be serious so they need to run more tests.  I’m really confused now - what tests could they be/wouldn’t cancer have shown up on initial tests & what does could be serious mean. 

Has anyone else had a similiar experience or have any idea what other tests they run, this waiting game really is horrible.


Thanks x

Hi TG,

I know that waiting for results is really difficult so can empathise with you.   Try and take consolation from the fact that they are being very thorough, and have your best interests at heart.  How long did they say you will have to wait?  Of course you will have very bleak moments, crikey, we are human after all -  but however much anxiety you are feeling this will not change the outcome, so keep thinking positive thoughts and enjoying the here and now.  This way of thinking certainly helped me get through my waiting periods and keep my sanity.  Hope it can help you - if only a teeny weeny bit.  Lots of love. Jackie xx