Been referred to breast clinic

Hi everybody, I am 28 years old and the doctor thought I had mastitis. 3 weeks and 2 courses of antibiotics/fungals later it didn’t clear up. He then thought maybe it’s something else and gave me some anti inflammatory meds. Still very sore and now having some pain in the other breast. Very itchy and have a rash on one breast (probably from scratching)! Has anybody experienced anything similar?

Hi they call me mummy, my experience probably isn’t of much help to yourself right now, but I too have been going through a similar situation. It slightly frustrates me how easily my gp seems to prescribe antibiotics almost on a weekly basis for what they first thought was mastitis. After explaining to them that I had a total duct excision back in September for unexplained bloody discharge they then suggested it be cellulitis. My breast is often very painful, red and what I can only describe as internal itch! Have you been referred to the breast clinic for further investigation? At least there the nurses and drs specialise in breast conditions and may be a little more helpful in diagnosing your symptoms. I know personally it has become very frustrating but if antibiotics and antifungals have not helped in your case other options may be explained at the clinic. Have you noticed these symptoms for a while or have they only appeared in the recent weeks?
Best wishes hannah

Thank you Hannah. Did you get refereed too? It has been 4 weeks now and no relief after lots of antibiotics fungals and anti inflammatory. Have just received my appointment at the breastfeeding clinic for next Thursday x

I have been under the breast clinic now for around 7 months, I really hope they can find some answers for you and to put your mind at rest. Waiting always seems to be the hardest part. In the meantime as hard as it can be try to stay positive.

Are you OK Hannah? Did they find anything? Sorry I hope you don’t mind me asking. I have to stay positive, I have 2 young children (3.5 and 1.5 years old). But at the same time quite scared…