Been reffered for lump but breast changes within last few days.

Hi all.

I hope this is the right place to vent.
I’m 35, found a lump in breast last year after shoiting pains in nipple, then found out i was 4 months pregnant, fast forward i have had the baby he is 6 months i breastfed for 5 of these months.
Whilst hand expressing i found it again, hard, immobile and seems attached, talked to hubby who encouraged me to see GP but ended up going with mastitis in the opposite breast mentioned to GP about lump in other she found it immediately and said mention it to my doc at 6 week app, i didnt have one due to being my 4th and no concerns and as doc seemed ok i sidnt think it would be worth pursuing.
Then in a space of a week this lump went a funny shape and my bipple started to dip in, i went in that morning to GP, her face was confused i asked if all was ok and she asked how long i have had it, of course i tell her a lobg time and that i did nention it to the other doc yet bo record of it, luckily hubby was with me that time so i was not losing my marbles.
I tell her i may be imagining it but under my arm is a lump too very very small, she finds it.
She didnt go all over my breast that exam was enough for her to refer me.
She said i have a pronounced lump with thickening around it and enlarged lymph node.
I have my appointment on the 4th and was not worried too much but this last week my breast seems harder around lump and further inspection shows this pea is like a kidney bean weirdly shaped, i follow what feels like channel lines up towards my breast and have found 3 tiny hard lumps too.
I have studied biology and know these are my lymph nodes, ok so im starting to panic, would cysts present in this way?
Im just so confused what to make of it all.

Hi Anniefleur,
Welcome to the forum. I can’t answer your question about how exactly cysts may present, however, besides cysts, breast tissue can also become hard in places due to fibrodeama, which is harmless, and can look very similar to a breast cancer lump on a mammogram and ultrasound (plus by touch). This is why it is almost impossible to tell without the scans being supplemented by a small biopsy of tissue.

I suggest you keep a note of your questions and ask the oncologist. While they obviously want to wait for biopsy results they are usually open to providing a bit more information about other possibilities re the lump/s at the first appointment.

You could also try phoning the nurses at BCC to see if they can answer your question about how multiple cysts can present.

Seabreeze xx