Been refused chemotherapy due to co-morbidities

Had mastectomy found three cancers in left breast one was ER+ so started Zolidex for 5 years.

I can’t have chemotherapy due to Addisons disease, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia,sleep Apnea.

I am really worried that the cancer will return somewhere else in my body due to not having chemo.  I also had an ER+ cancer in 2011 and that came back . I had lumpectomy and radiotherapy then .

I am so scared and frightened help !

Hi Sunset, I’m sorry your are going through so much, it’s no wonder you are so fearful, should you have had Chemo on either diagnosis? Is this a new primary or reacurrance now? Hormone treatment is very good and things will have moved on a lot from 2011, im sorry I can’t offer any words of wisdom to put your mind at rest but always available to listen Xx Jo