Been seen in breast clinic but still not totally happy


I feel abit bonkers starting this thread as I was seen in my local breast unit on Monday (13th Feb) and was reassured that all is fine.


I found a lump in my breast some weeks ago, only 10 days prior to that my GP had examined me and found nothing (I’d been having non cyclical breast pain). I went back to my GP and he immediately referred me to the breast clinic - didnt even bother checking my breasts again as I burst into tears in his surgery and he said that i’m obviously worried and need reassuring.


I was seen on Monday at the breast clinic - a registrar examined me and said all felt fine. I told her I could feel a lump quite deep in the tissue (I have to push my breast tissue up from the underneath and poke down with my fingers to feel this lump). I showed her as such, and she checked and didnt seem concerned. I asked what it could be - she said probably an enlarged milk duct. She also showed me how to do a correct, thorough breast examination.


I was sent for an ultrasound, whereby the radiographer checked from my nipple outwards, all over the breast. He said everything looked absolutely fine. I went back to the registrar who said that all was fine, and that my breast tissue has been graded as ‘U1’ (which apparently means totally normal).


I left relieved and reassured.


However, I’ve been checking the lump again today, 2 days later - its still there, it still feels like a very definite lump. I am now worrying that perhaps the registrar didnt feel it when I showed her / that the sonographer didnt capture it on the scan. I can’t help wondering why its there and why it didnt show up on the scan even if it is ‘just’ an enlarged milk duct


Am I completely paranoid? Should I seek another opinion? Does this sound like a normal thing to have eg enlarged milk duct that doesnt show on ultrasound and is completely benign?

Hi. I’m sorry you are going through this and I’m also sorry I don’t have any answers for you.

You could think about calling the breast cancer care helpline . I did the first time I came on this site in 2015. The nurse was very understanding and helpful. They maybe able to re assure you and suggest what you do next.

As a minimum you really should keep checking your breasts as shown and go back to your GP if you still aren’t happy or it changes further.

Best wishes