Been to hospital

Well appointment day eventually got here!

After 2 mammograms (because they wanted extra views) and a very long ultrasound I have “loads” of cysts in both breasts (at least 12 in 1 side alone) measuring anything between 9mm and 2.7mm, the lumps in my armpit are “enlarged glandular tissue”, the ducts behind the nipple are “very prominant”. I was told to take evening primrose for at least 4 months at max dose to help with pain, cannot drain cycts as I would be like a colander when they finished. Nipple discharge has been sent away and I have to go back in 3 weeks for results before he decides if he is going to do one of those michondotomy thinggies, reluctant because of my age (38).
Does this sound reassuring??? Its back on the waiting merry go round for me then!!!

Take care everyone
Speak soon
Di x

Hi Di,

wow, sounds like you had a very long appointment but at least it was thorough. How do you feel about it all? a lot to take in… I will pray that these 3 wks will speed by so you can get your results.

Hope you have a restful afternoon. Take care,


hi sheep well at least you know now its not bc,i think i would be thrilled, but just a little reseved till you get the results bk from your nipple sample hon,

bet your relieved i would be i,m thrilled for you in one respect but your still in pain which is not good try the evening primrose babe and if you still have probs i wld go bk and see if they could drain some of them

bless you

Hi sheep

glad you were seen!!! and the results sound promising…why are they reluctant to do the microductomy due to you age??? what were ther reasns for this?? and I am still in a real mess from mine as its only been done tuesday on both of mine so am reluctant to give any opinion on if you should have it or not!

let us know how your getting on

LJ xx

Hi Di

I don’t really have any advice to help with this, as not been in this situation, mine was a straight bc dx with no surgery as straight onto chemo. Hopefully it will all turn out ok for you and the nipple discharge will not be anything sinister.

Take care of yourself during your 3 week wait, as this is the worst, waiting and worrying. But we are all here to help you through this.

Take care and let us know how you are and when you get results.