Been to the Breast Clinic today and feeling anxious


I am 35 years old and had a sore spot in my breast and found a lump about 6 weeks ago. My GP referred me to the Breast Clinic, which I attended this morning. The nurse felt the lump and did a fine needle aspiration. No liquid was drawn. She has referred me for a non-urgent ultrasound and a mammography. I should get an appointment within 2 weeks. I’m really worried about it. I’m also concerned that she said that when I came back for a follow up with her in 4 weeks time, she would repeat the needle test. Does anyone know why she would need to repeat the test? Also, why do I need both a mammogram and an ultrasound scan?

The nurse said that I could phone up for the results of the needle test in two weeks time, which seems like a very long time to wait!

Thank you.

Hi Tiggy3

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums. It sounds like you’re having a very worrying time at the moment.

Whilst you wait for the other users to reply with their experiences and advice please do give the BCC helpline a call on 0808 800 6000.
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Best wishes

Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Tiggy

Sorry that you are finding yourself on here. It is likely that they are referring you for both a mammogram and ultrasound because at 35 your breasts are dense and is easier to pick up on ultrasound. I am surprised you were not seen by a consultant at your clinic as opposed to a nurse.

When I went to my appointment they run a one stop clinic. I saw the doctor then had two mammogram, an ultrasound and a core biopsy on the same day. The doctor also told me that day my lump was highly suspicious. Things moved pretty quickly after.

They don’t seem to be rushing with you so try and take that as a positive and please bare in mind that the majority of lumps in women your age are benign. Sending positive thoughts your way and hope the news is good.

Bells x

hi tiggy xxx My thoughts are with you sweetheart. I am 34 and found out 2 weeks ago that i have ductual beast cancer which is also in my nodes under my armpit. I am still awaiting test results from my cat and mri. I konw how you feel and its the not knowing thats the hardest part. I took it really hard and also felt that i had done something wrong to have breast cancer stupid now now i know. As far as i know i have to have a masectomy and chemo it amazes me how many younger women now find themselves with breast cancer. Keep me updated and try to relax know its hard but sleep and not doing too much is what you need right now xxx

Hi Alleycat

Just wanted to re-assure you that chemo may not be as bad as you first anticipate so try not to worry too much. I am just about to have my fifth and second last chemo on Friday. As a fit 37 year old (36 when i found out) I seem to have so far (fingers crossed) come through chemo without having suffered many side effects and have managed to get on with my every day life. When I first found about having chemo I was pretty terrified as I had so many preconceptions. It is of course different for everyone but thought I would share my experience. This forum is a terrific support.

Hope all goes well with your scan results.

Bells x

hi bells thanks for your post. I have heard numerous stories about chemo and some of them have scared me half to death. I also think that googling it when i first found out i had bc didnt help at all so many stories and videos about the negative side of it. This may be too much of a personal question for you to answer but i feel extremely nervous about losing a part of me although i know its trying to kill me. How did you handle the surgey xx


Thank you so much for taking the time to post a reply, it has really helped me knowing that you understand. Alleycat, I hope that your treatment goes smoothly and thank you Bells for sharing your experience with me. I think it is such a difficult situation because it just happens so quickly and it makes you feel out of control. Luckily my doctor took me seriously despite saying that it was probably nothing considering my age etc.

The clinic I was sent to was led by a nurse practitioner and was at my local hospital, so I don’t think the consultant was there. I have to go to a larger general hospital for the further tests in a few weeks time, as I have been referred as a non-urgent case. I know that sounds more positive, however, I’m scared that could all change once my FNA has been analysed. It’s the what if situation that is so hard, but I have to try to be patient and hold it all together. I’m grateful for this site and the kindness and support offered. Thank you so much and I will keep you updated and in the meantime I’d like to wish you the best with your treatments. x

Hi Alleycat,

I didn’t find the surgery a trauma, but I had a lumpectomy. They did a fantastic job and you would never know. My scar is under my arm and fairly unobtrusive, my breast still looks normal although is still blue from the dye. I know someone who had a masectomy and they did an amazing job reconstructing in he same go in fact it looks better than the natural one. I think that they do their best to give you good results.

Tiggy, stay strong. I really hope you have good news but even if its not you will be amazed at how you can cope. BC is one of the more treatable kinds. I was scared to death at first and thought it was very bleak - but its not and I have a lot of positivity about getting through it. My surgeon said to me that if one of his daughters had to get cancer he would want them to get what I had.