Been told I have IDC seeing the surgeon tomorrow....

Hi there! This is new to me but reading on this site has giving me some comfort…

they picked up I had IDC from my mammogram , went to the breast clinic more pictures and several biopsies and had the results a week later on the 30/8/18 

i am due to see my lovely breast doctor/surgeon tomorrow and don’t know what I can expect to happen? 

Presumably an examination , chat ? I am due to have an op on the 8/11  - some wre guided “thing” to remove and sentinel lymph node  “thing”

Has any one any advice for me who has had same/similar…?

still can’t believe this is happening to me…

Hi Crookes,

It’s all like another Language at the minute isn’t it but you will soon become fluent like the rest of us I assure you! 


Tomorrow they will run through your diagnosis and explain what will happen next, you probably won’t be examined I can’t remember being at this point. It’s a good idea to write down any questions today because you can guarantee by your appointment tomorrow you won’t be able to remember a thing you wanted to ask! 


Are you really not having surgury until 8/11? This is a long old wait as the norm is within 30 ish days from diagnosis so if that is right then I would question why.


On surgery day they will insert a fine wire in to your lump via ultrasound with a local anaesthetic just like when you had a biopsy, I then had a mammogram to check it was in the right place, it’s taped to your chest like an Ariel so you will be picking up radio 1 while your at it! ?

Sentinal node biopsy is taking a sample of the closest nodes to your lump to check if any cancer cells have reached them, they find these nodes by injecting a blue dye near your lump and or a radioactive injection which will track the path to the closest nodes so they can be easily detected, all sounds very technical but you will be asleep! 


Its totally normal to feel like you can’t believe it’s happening, I’m 3.5 years on now and still have moments of thinking did that really happen!? Have a read across the forum and you will see everything you are thinking and feeling right now is the same as the rest us, there are those in the early stages of diagnosis like you and plenty of others who are Many years beyond who stay around to help and support.

Xx Jo 

Hi Ann,
Many of us here have proceeded with holiday plans, it generally doesn’t make a difference with timescales & if the surgeon is happy to do so, then go with that if you prefer to.
BTW, love Gozo, although haven’t been there for years!
ann x