Before or after

Having a trip to big M &S on Monday. Do I buy post surgery bras before my op or after? Could I just get away with good coverage support bras instead? I’m a 38C so not Massive.
Dont want to waste too much money as having recon after rads etc…
Any advice eagerly accepted for penny pincher!!!

Hi Vanessa

Sorry can’t help with you question, but just wanted to say have a good shopping trip on Monday and make sure you buy yourself some luxury goods too so that you can enjoy them. Don’t just buy necessities … go splash out and spoil yourself rotten.

Have fun

Hi Vanessa,

I just wore some old comfortable bras I had post-surgery. At first I didnt feel like putting any bra on at all but after a few days I wore a very stretchy, none underwired bra. I waited about 6 weeks before going to be measured for mastectomy bras. Not sure what surgery you’re having done but I would say comfort is absolutely key, and I wouldnt go buying anything new… unless as Dawn said it’s luxury goods… I did buy some lovely knickers instead!

Take care

Pauline x

Hi Vanessa

I would agree with Pauline. Comfort is the most important thing after the op. You certainly want good coverage but I found a soft sports bra was the best.

God bless.


I agree with Christay, soft sports bra is a great option. Immediately after surgery I didn’t wear a bra but my breast nurse advised the sport bra - and it was great. I developed a couple of infections due to implant and must say wearing the sports bra helped with the pain.


hi Vanessa, Tesco,s do a really comfy one for £5.00, its there basic sports range, i had to get mine at m&s because Tesco’s didn’t have my size, i have never worn such awful bra’s, so uncomfortable, and i expected more for £18 a bra, and you need two or three, but wish i could have had the Tesco’s one, a woman i know who had the same recon as me had them and swore by them., hope this helps



Asda do a sports bra, at £4.00. My BCN recommended them.

Maggie x

I am still wearing my pre-op bra. I hate HATE HATE mastectomy bras (I am a 36 DD on one side… and they are just plain ugly), while I have a pretty good range of the others.
Lace stretch works pretty well, as it *hugs* whatever is left (aka skin) and the prosthesis… I have Victoria Secrets from the US, and the underwire is very well padded.

I have ONE mastectomy special - but as it has no underwire, it is really icky, it flattens, and shows in all shirts (while my scars don’t).

Can’t wait for recon.


Asda do a very good a very good post surgery bra, they have a pocket on both sides and cost £8.00, they are very comfortable but nothing fancy

Hope this helps


thank you all.xx
Having mastectomy on Wednesday…

Hiya mummyv,

I got a couple of soft, non wired sports bras from asda as some people have suggested.
Only cost £4 each.

They are very comfortable.

I had my mastectomy on tues 4th sept. Im doing fine. It wasnt as bad as what i expected.
Nurses on the ward said the bras were perfect.

I hope this helps?

I hope all goes well on wednesday for you.

Take care


Ps…you best get the bras before surgery as you need to take them into hospital with you.
Day after my surgery I was advised to put my bra on and was given a Comfie which is a vey soft cotton wool stuffed prosthesis.



I wore ordinary vest tops after my mastectomy…bras were just to ouchy. My bcn said it was the best thing as it allowed air to get to scar and helped healing a bit quicker…plus no itchy bits. Wore a soft bra a few weeks after mastectomy but lost patience with my comfie forever wiggling its way out…so got some mastectomy bras from m&s…very comfy and do the job…I wont win any lingerie competitions just yet lol…but they do the job.