Beginning of treatment

Didn’t know what other topic to start… Obviously I’ve started my treatment last Thursday got my injection had some hot flushes night time swears 


But my secondary breast cancer spread to the bones and back 


Anway I came in ny period tonight prob last one and was the one I’m due anyway.  I’ve had a positive day but as was, saying what side effects me but now yes it’s night suddenly my joints are really painful I’m hobbling struggling to wak Im on oral morphine only had two yesterday just taken one dose now.  


But yes hopping is this normal… I’m starting second treatmrvt tomorrow as in Tuesday tvrtv recommend anything as in on pretty high doses but you lovely people got anything 

. Xx

I’m not at the same stage of treatment or BC as you but it sounds like you’re having a pretty s*** time and thought you might need a virtual hug. Consider it sent xx

Oh gosh, all I can offer is the virtual hug, too.