Being a patient patient playing the waiting game



Completely new but lurked these forums 2 years ago when my mum had breast cancer.


Currently torturing myself waiting for my first referral, it’s only been 4 days. 


Having large boobs I’ve always found examining difficult but for some time have had a nagging worry, over the last month have experienced itching to the point of distraction of my left breast and last week found a lump.


My poor OH is scared stiff, as am I, neither of us are sleeping but trying to keep family life ticking over with a smile.


Told my employer what is going on as they are pressuring me to travel alot for work at the moment and today I just cannot focus on my job, not that it’s stopped work piling on the pressure and telling me there’s nothing I can do whilst waiting for my appointment and I have alot of work to get done! Seriously that’s not helped and if I wasn’t worried I’d need my sick leave in the near future I’d being going off today.


Am tempted to go privately for my initial check but my GP has told me today if I do that and need treatment I will have to start the 2 week referral period from scratch and I don’t think we could afford to self fund an entire treament plan if it came to it. 


Scared, stressed, exhausted and overwhlemed.

Hi etandme, 

There’s no magic wand in getting through this stage, but you will get there. 

Thank goodness you’ve been referred, to have it properly looked at.  Mostly, it turns out not to be bc, but if on the off chance it is, then the sooner it gets dealt with the better. Treatment for bc has some of the best outcomes out there.

Most of us here have been happy with the NHS & it does not make a lot of difference to timescales & there’s no difference to treatment, so I would concur with your gp on that.

do let us know how you get on

ann x


Hi There,
I’ve just found this site and I’m toatally beside myself with worry too!
I have a large marble sized lump with prominent blue veins around it. My GP described it as a irregular lump! (Off course I’ve googled it!) she said she’s very concerned and requested an urgent appointment.
I’m even more worried as I had a small lump about 8 years ago in same place and was referred to breast cancer centre had a ultra sound and came back all clear. I’m now torturing myself thinking they’ve missed something and it’s had 8 years to grow.
My appointment is a week on Tuesday. I just don’t know how I’m going to get through the next week!
I’m torturing myself! It’s my daughters GCSE’s I keep thinking how am I going to tell her if it isBC. That’s the last thing she needs to know at this stressful time. My husband has been fab. But have not told anyone else as don’t want to worry anyone.

Thanks Helen,
Yes, I’m definitely not telling daughter anything until I know for certain. I’ve got a few things planned this week to distract me and of course work. (Never thought I’d hear myself say that I’m happy to go to work for distraction!)
Its going to be a long week!! X

Jean this had been the most stressful week or so, I like you have a step daughter doing GCSE’s and 12yo daughter who is still settling into a new school in a new area. I really wanted to protect my family from it, my mum had a mastectomy almost 3 years ago so our entire family is already over exposed.


Luckily for me my appointment went well, I can’t believe it, I had absolutely convinced myself of the worst case. I’d had severe itching, inflammation and lumpiness of my left breast. I also have inflammatory bowel disease and had been experiencing alot of bleeding and headaches, a recent endoscopy had shown no sign of active diease so I’d joined up all of the dots and convinced myself I had bc. 


I saw a consultant on Satruday morning, had an examination and ultrasound, nothing showed up whatsoever. My GP who referred me also thought there was a lump. They think my symptons are hormonal and advised me to monitor any changes.


This forum was a godsend to keep me sane, I really hope others can get some comfort from my experience. The waiting is awful.



Good news for you. You can enjoy life again!! I must admit I’ve taken reassurance from the group as lots of women have had good news.
I’ve got a 12 year old son too. I just keep thinking of them and having to break news to extended family. (We’re really close family!) but trying to not go there. I’ve got all sons football team and families coming this weekend for a bit of party. So busy organising this. So should take my mind of things this week.
Wishing you future good health! Xx