Being offered Eribulin for chemo treatment

Hi, I am new to the Forum. I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in October 2011 with mets in liver, bones and right lung. Over the last 6 years I have been on numerous treatments going between hormone therapy and chemo. I had a recent scan that has shown that the mets in my liver are increasing and at oncology appointment last week was told my last port of treatment was Eribulin. If I choose to do nothing I am on borrowed time. Is there anyone who is on this chemo and have the results been successful. How did you cope with side effects. 

Charlie, I have never had this chemo but have had many. I would go for a second opinion. There a lot of treatments in the doctors bag. Sometimes you can revisit drugs that have failed in the past if it’s been awhile.  Hugs! FF

Hi Charlie
I was on eribulin for 12 months before it stopped working no problems it is the easiest chemo you will ever have but since having that I am now on docetaxel I have had pacltaxol as well in the past plus all the hormone treatments apart from falodex I am 8 years in with secondaries 18 months with liver mets which shrank on eribulin as did all those in my chest wall till it stopped working I am now coming to the end of docetaxel and then ct to see if it has worked
So hang in there


hi Charlie


I was on Eribulin for 7 cycles in 2016 for liver and lymphoma. It was my 5th type of chemo, and I’ve ‘done’ all the oestrogen blockers when my cancer was oe pos- its now triple neg.


Eribulin knocked back the aortic and liver tumours sufficiently for me to have a chemo holiday for most of 2017 and I started back at the beginning of May as CT showed liver now CLEAR but aortic tumours above acceptable sizes.


SEs are minimal compared with other chemos, I suffer mainly from fatigue.


Good luck, keep focused, welcome the drug in to do its stuff (and its the quickest treatment to have!)