Ben Nevis Challenge 2008

Didn’t really know where to post this - but here will do!

Because of the tremendous support I received from BCC when I was first dx, and indeed now, almost a year later, I decided that, rather than purchase something ‘pink and fluffy’ during Pink October - I would do something more constructive.

So, fool that I am, I put my name forward (last December lol before the chemo/rads etc kicked in) to take part in the Ben Nevis Challenge. And here I am - only 4 weeks away from having to climb Britain’s largest mountain - and am I terrifed??? You bet lol.

I originally had my fundraising target set at £500 - then exceeded it and raised it to £750 - I then passed that target too - so upped it to £1,000. I’m now at 850 something I think - and just looking to give myself a final push before the big day lol. I’ve emailed all my mates and local business asking for their support and just thought I would mention it here too.

I know several of you that were dx at the same time as me sponsored me early on, but if anyone else would be interested in sponsoring me, please private message me and I will send you the link for my Just giving page - I can’t post it here as it gives my full christian and surname and will be edited out (quite rightly).

Thanks guys

Magz x

ps I know everyone doesn’t always get the hang of the private messaging thing - so just in case - type my name in the box where it says ‘Send a private message to (optional)’ then type your message.

Ha - obviously haven’t got the hang of private messages???!!!

Thanks for the pm’s guys - chemo brain kicked in I’m afraid - I was looking through the site without signing in - therefore couldn’t see the pm’s duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Margaret x