Hi has anyone considered taking Berocca? It is a multivitamin and mineral supplement , and my cousin said she feels good on it, but she hasn’t got breast cancer
Best wishes to all

Hi Ruffyp,

Sorry - your post was some time ago now so don’t know if you are still looking…

I really don’t know if it would be good for you or not. I have used it years ago (long before getting bc) and felt it was good as a general tonic - multi vitamin (high doses of vit C) and minerals. Especially good if I had been out the night before.

BUT i don’t know if it has any other effects that might/might not impact on cancer, so I would seek advice from a doctor or breast care nurse…

I am currently trying to get my vits and minerals from food I eat, but I understand this is not always practical or possible for some people.

Good luck, and best wishes.