Best Bra suppliers

Hi Lady’s
Need a bit of help I am due to have my mx and reconstrution on 15th Dec (luckliy it was nearly 22nd Dec), anyway my surgeon has told me what cup size and bra to buy the sports type front opening etc, I keep searching the internet but I’m not getting very far bit scared I am going to buy the wrong sort can anybody help with websites or shops that are the best to buy from.
Thank you.


Hi Dizzy. I had trouble with this as i’m big busted. I got a couple from bravissimo. My breast care nurse had a folder with different companies, so it may worth checking with yours. Good luck. x

Hi DizzyD

If your surgeon is referring to what you ought to wear post-op (including for night-time too) then try the Sloggi Crop-tops as they are lovely and soft, offer support, wash well and dry quickly (very important at this time of the year. They cost around £10 amd cupsize is not critical although they tend to come up quite small. They are also good to wear if you need to have radiotherapy too as they don’t rub your skin.

If you really want a bra then why not try M & S who do a mastectomy range as do Matalan who are even cheaper. Even if you don’t need a prothesis, at least you know that the mastectomy bras will be nice and soft to wear post-op.

Again, as blueyegirl suggests have a word with your BCN as they will know who best to contact in your area

Im three years post op (lumpectomy) but have lymphoedema in affected breast and have been advised to wear a sport bra or camisole type of bra because they offer a bit of compression and also dont dig in round the band like conventional bras. Im in the USA and am looking at Amoena who are a worldwide brand and specialise in post surgery bras. I have the feeling that if Id known this from the beginning Id probably have stuck to a softer bra rather than hurrying to get back into normal ones.

Not front fastening, but Triumph do a really good one…

I has an mx and LD flap recon. My PS supplied me with one three days post surgery and told me to wear it 24/7 for 6 weeks. It was so comfy, I bought 2 more. Supportive, but doesn’t squash you down too much and still allows a bit of cleavage.


I bought a couple of Royle post-Mx bras from John Lewis together with a couple of normal sports bras. I found the specialist bra fitter at JL incredibly useful and very kind. And she also informed me I didn’t have to pay VAT on bras ever again. Small compensation for BC I know.

Thanks ladies for all your help, it is very much appreciated.


M & S High Impact Sports bras are very supportive and comfortable to wear 24/7 after recon. Not front opening but you can do it up and swing it round.

i bought ‘2 pack non wired seam free non padded crop top bra’ from marks and sparks. i am quite small but got a bigger size so it wasn’t as tight around bust on underneath. i went to m&s at big shopping centre near where i live so have got quite a big underwear dept. i took a post op bra to changing room, and assistant who took me in asked if had bought one of these before, and i said no (hadn’t a clue actually what to get) anyway next thing she said wait a moment and went a got another assistant to come and help me who obviously had some experience helping ladies with this sort of thing. she asked a few questions about what op was having and then she went off and brought several different options back i could get to try on. she was very helpful and said if they weren’t comfy after op just to take them back for refund. went with the crop top bra in a bigger size which was her sugggestion to get to start with. its really comfy. you get one white/one black for £12. i’ve bought another pack in smaller size for when i want bit more support and swelling/bruising has eased. only had op few days ago. it hasn’t got front opening but managed to get it on over head gently, but i have discovered i can actually step into it up my body its that stretchy.

matalan also have small post op section and sell sloggi crop tops cheaper than other places. but the m&s ones seem more stretchy and softer for me but still good support. hope my waffling helps in some way!!

take care xx

Hi, I’m day12 post surgery now, after left sided mx and DIEP recon. the BCN s came tome before discharge and were very specific about what I needed, my daughter did an online M and S order and they arrived next day before I got home!

Anyway, they said the main points were that :
it should be firm support, firm across the top too, and with separate cups to shape the new boob,
not a cropped top or the type of sports bra that pushes you flat.
I have to say it’s uncomfortable as I’ve got a lot of swelling under my arm, but I’m hoping the underarm bit will mould itself into the cup ( or shrink away).

I ordered a range of back and cupsizes and two styles, as well as a pack of three bra back extenders. I’ve able to see what feels best and will send the rest back.

If you have a DIEP and need the spanx style pants, I’ve also found it much easier to use a cup less body style, not the high line pants, as it has gusset poppers so you don’t have to wriggle the hole thing down to go to the loo! It even looks reasonable (and you wear a bra with it.). Hope this helps, I ws vague about the purpose of the bra, but when they said it was to shape the fat, I understood. I guess it depends what type of recon you have.

Ah the other thing I realised is that the extent to which front fastening etc are needed depends if you have lymph nodes out at the same time. I didn’t have to, so have much more movement this time than after my SNB.