Best bras for post op with a smaller set!!

Hey folks,

this is my 1st time posting. I found out on Wednesday I have a small cancerous lump that they plan to remove in two weeks with some glands. Im looking for advice on bras for after the op. I have a very small chest, 34A, so I dont even own a sports bra. I dont really care how it looks I just want something super cumfy. Also any other tips for the surgery would be fab. 


AJ xx

Hi AJ, A few of us have found the non wired bras from Peacocks to be good! All the best, Isabelle xx

Hiyer AJ,

Sorry you’ve had this diagnosis, but it sounds like you found the malignant area when very small, which is good. 

i have copied a thread for you about bras…


…there are others too though if you do a forum search. You need to remember you will be wearing it night and day for a few weeks, so it’s important you invest a bit of time trying some sports bras on in advance. The idea is that you need to stop the tissue moving too much during the hearing process, although you are small chested you will probably find you want the feeling of something fairly supportive/ protective. You don’t need to spend a huge amount, mine were a cheap set of two from M and S. Also, as you will have dressings for a few days, which can be bulky, make sure there is enough space to let the back out a bit more than you usually would. 


Another tip…be ready to find yourself sleeping on your back with your arm,where the lymph nodes were removed from, out to the sided slightly and resting on a pillow. Make sure you have flannels and baby wipes, washing is tricky a few days afterwards and you won’t be using deodorant, so baby wipes under the arms are useful to stay fresh.


stick around the forum, and you will get lots of ongoing advice. Have you had your pre op assessement yet?