Best friend just diagnosed - what can I send her?

Hi, my best friend has just told me that she’s been diagnosed with Stage 3, Grade 2 with cells in lymph nodes.  She is due to start chemo in a few weeks then mastectomy and radiation.   I feel really numb and useless at the moment (and very emotional - I had to attend the breast clinic myself last week but thankfully my lump was a cyst).   I don’t live close by but really want to help - I’ll be there by phone, text etc if she wants to talk, shout, cry or just for a laugh but still want to do something practical.   I know there are certain does and don’t around Chemo/Rad but can anyone suggest some good creams, nail care, deod, treat foods etc I can send by way of a “care package” to her.   She loves books so will send her some tokens.  Also, she has two primary age children and I am wondering if there is anything I can send them to help?


Thanks in advance - feeling useless!

Hi. I’ve just posted myself as my best friend was diagnosed with Stage 3 in November.  I’m so, so soryr to hear about your friend.


After my friends diagnoses I visited her just before the chemo began and through the advice of others that had completed treatment, I made a little bag up of different mints, boiled sweets, body oil (just Johnsons) and magazines.  As this was just before Christmas I also popped in some lindt snowmen for her primary school age kids. 


She had 6 rounds of chemo and half way though I sent her a just a little card saying how proud we we of her.  I sent flowers at the time of her diagnoses and after her op.


Its so hard as you wnat to be there for them but can’t have one ounce of an idea what it is like for them to be battling this cruel disease.  I sent a picture to her of faceook of two little girls that said “I can’t take away your problems, but can promise you’ll never face them alone”. 


I wish your friend all the very best of luck on her journey and to youin supporting her.  I’m always here to chat.