Best place or consultant for surgery in the NW

My mum’s due for a mastectomy at the end of this month in Bolton Royal and a friend of hers today called and said a nurse who worked at Bolton, wouldn’t have a similar breast op at Bolton, and opted for Chorley hospital instead. I wouldn’t have worried normally because it’s just spin at the end of the day, but with the woman in question being a nurse at Bolton, favouring Chorley hospital it got me concerned. Which would be the best place to go for surgery in the NW?


Might be a bit out of your way but had my lumpectomy at Westmorland General Hospital (Kendal) - couldn’t fault the care and treatment I received. It’s a small hosp, very clean and staff very kind. Incidently, a lady who had her surgery the same day as me had travelled from Preston - opting for Kendal instead of Chorley (or Preston).


Like Valkyrie I had a mx and anc clearance at Kendal last Jan. I had my own room I think because I had finished chemo 3 weeks before so was at risk of infection. The nurses were fine and down to earth and the cleaner was excellent - food was quite good as well !! My mum had a mx there 6 yrs ago and a new knee 2 yrs ago and she found it the same.

Most of my praise goes to the consultant though - Mr Parmeshwar. I had been seeing someone else but she was ill and so they rang to ask if I objected to someone else doing the surgery - answer no just get it done ! Met him on morning of op, he did a fab job and the scar healed really quickly. It’s 9 inches long partly because of the anc clearance and I only needed paracetamol afterwards for about 4 days. Any other medical people who see the scar all admire it so I work on the basis that it must be good - the onc thought it was fab when she saw it at my assessment for rads ! Since then, I have seen him 4 times and he has such a lovely manner and has been so helpful and understanding with some of the difficulties I have had since (nothing to do with the surgery). He would get my vote every time !

Anyway, my best wishes to your mum wherever you decide to go and I hope it all works out well.


Kendal’s a bit far really what with her family visiting, I can’t see her agreeing to it. I was thinking more around the region of Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire

What about the Christie in Manchester or even Clatterbridge in Warrington?

I would definitely endorse Christies - I’m having my treatment there, and they are fabulous.


I know this is a stupid question but can you choose your hos or is that only private

I’m not sure. Mum had her chemo at Chrsities, but they’ve told her she’s having the surgery at Bolton, but this Bolton nurse requesting to have it changed to Chorley has trouble her

I have just had wle and snb at thameside genral in grt manchester on 19th dec and although thamside has bad reputation I could not fault. My surgeon Miss hamo was fantastic. Very reasuring and sincere. She has done a brilliant job, hardley any pain after. Healing wonderfully and lots of good coments from all the nurses bc nurse district nurse about what a good job my surgeon had done. I would trust her to turn my wedding dress up scar is so neat. Whilst at the hospital, all nurses were angels and could not have looked after me better, Food not that bad (edible). auxilaries all very kind too. All in all 10 out of 10


I live in Burnley, and in 2006 Burnley and Blackburn didn’t have a recon surgeon so I went to Chorley, under Mr Saidan. He did my mastecomy/ immediate TRAM recon. Apart from the reason for being there I had no complaints and thought Chorley and all the staff were brilliant, even the food was good.

Good luck
Marilyn x