Best shampoo and conditioner for cold capping

Can anyone advise the best shampoo and conditioner to use for cold cap use and in between treatments. And any other advice which you may have learnt along the way. I’m desperate to keep even a thin covering of hair. Any info greatly appreciated… thanks x

Yes, use either baby shampoo and cond, or simple…dont wahs your hair as often and dont use heated rollers or dryers, let it dry naturally.


i use the shower , pour on the product and gently pat it well in, dont massage, let the shower rinse it off.


dont vigorously towel hair dry or use a hair dryer, if you can help it.


when you go for your cold cap take baby conditioner spray with you and a hair band as the nurse will damp your hair throroughly and then apply the cap, the hair band protects the edge of the scalp from burning


best of luck



There’s lots of great info here:


I was advised to not use baby shampoo as it is alkaline, and whilst kind to eyes, not great for hair loss. I’ve used Organic Surge gentle shampoo and conditioners with success.


Good products here too:



Thanks so much ladies :slight_smile: what leave in conditioner dud you use please blue ash? Did you use a sleep cap or hair net or anything to sleep in? Congrats on keeping the hair I hope I’ll be the one helping and advising people in a fee months! Did u ever wash in cold water as have read this van help straight after treatment, but I’m thinking my head has just been frozen so what use would that be really. Xx

Cartwheels, your link re hair care is excellent … written by a leading cancer hospital including tips by patients… was well worth reading from start to finish Xx

Thank you blue ash xx

Melissa, all good stuff here… just wanted to say that the link by cartwheels ( the top one) advises not to wash it for a couple of days after cc treatment … that makes sense to me… and I don’t wash my hair twice a week either, I bought some light conditioner today as mine is growing back … but even if you don’t lose your hair it will be more fragile… so I don’t tamper with it too much. Also the link gives good advice to prevent matting… which leads to tangles and problems… I’d really have a bit of a read… I had c cap in 2000. And none of us knew/were told how to care for our hair … now the experts know what we should do
Good luck with it