Best time of day to take letrozole

Hi Ladies,

I finished radiotherapy in February, I haven’t taken my letrozole yet as I’m scared and have  a phobia of taking pills , there is no way I can swallow the ascal tablets full stop but have just noticed on another post you can get lemon flavoured chewable ones

I wanted to know when is the best time of the day to take letrozole, morning or evening, ? 
Also I haven’t had a bone scan yet which is worrying me as I bumped into a lady who had surgery the same day as me and she has already had hers

Thank you for any replies x 

Hi Sparkle66

I can honestly say, after being on Letrozole for over 4 years now, that there is not really a better time of day to take this.  It will depend on whether you get any side effects from it and then you can tailor taking this to help with those.  I have found that if I take it in the morning I will get hot flushes through the day and if I wait until the evening then I get hot flushes in the night.  With regards to the Adcal tablets, I have only ever had the chewable kind, some are definitely nicer than others.  When I get one that is not very pleasant I just ask the pharmacy not to give me that make.   Regarding the bone scan, your local hospital that has a bone density scanner will be in touch to arrange this as soon as they get the request from your medical team. It may be worth just contacting someone and asking if it is in hand.  I had to chase my oncologist to book this for me on the second one but I am a private patient so things are a bit different.  Hope the above is of some help, try to stay positive and keep an eye on the light at the end of the tunnel.


I take letrazole in the evening and have always done so (just before bed).

I do experience stuff like achey joints (especially after sitting for a while). However, I’ve heard it can affect your mood and I think I manage to sleep through that with taking it just before bed.

when I’ve read other forums etc most people seem to prefer the evening but the general Consensus is try different times if one time doesn’t work for you. 

sorry only just seen your post and question x

I couldn’t stand AdCal3 tablets either chewing them or drinking the effervescent version. Now I suck the chewable kind and for some reason I don’t mind this. They do have sugar in them which I would rather not have but there you are.