Best wishes to all on FEC no.3

Hi all

Just wanted to say hi and all the best to you all having 3rd FEC cycle like me tomorrow.

I know JulieG & Ali were sharing these happy (not!) times with me so love to you both, and good luck to anyone else who is at the same stage who I don’t know.

My 1st FEC was awful, 2nd not half as bad. At least I know they’re not all so bad.I seemed to have regained my taste & hair on legs still growing, still got brows & lashes too - hope the last one wasn’t placebo or something!!!

All the best

Ditto what alison says, good luck all!

I’m going for my penultimate day 1 CMF next weds and I know a couple of others also have chemo on weds 5th too, so good luck to you all too!!

I hope all our side effects are almost non-existent,

Take care,


oh yes, 2nd EC on Wednesday - oh joy, as ive been told if the side effects are gonna kick in it will be right after that so needless to say i aint looking forward to it, but hey ho!

I hope you all get through it as best as you can.

Good Luck Ladies!


Good luck all
Have my 3rd TAC tomorrow - so started popping the pills this morning and feel like a junkie -LOL.
It is amazing how the time does slip by from chemo to chemo.

Hope we all get nice juicy veins at the nurses first attempt!!


thanks Alison and everyone.

Dreading the phonecall from hospital this morning, as yesterday they phoned to say I couldn’t have it today as it hadn’t been 3 weeks (i moved the last one to a Monday so I could go to a wedding in Cardiff). I was really cross as they never said it would be a problem before and I had organised all the childcare and my in-laws have arrived from Hampshire to help out. Anyway, they will check my bloods again this morning and see but they were not happy.

They wanted to change it to Tuesday, great…everyone will have gone home, 5 y old back to school and hubby back to work. So if you hear screaming and shouting from wherever you are, it’ll be me!!!

Good luck everyone!!!

Speak soon

Hi everyone I too am on fec, had my 3rd last week. I felt a bit rough the first couple of days but am ok now, I just dread them first few days after, but I realise there are a lot of us going through the same thing, so chins up and battle together.

Good luck to everyone too with next chemo sessions. Had my 2nd on Wednesday and so far so good, apart from hair, which is being removed this evening. Hope everyone is ok and the side effects stay minimal and enjoy your weekends.

Cant type a long msg as 9 month old Jack keeps attacking keyboard and hitting me so doing it one handed.

Take care all.



I’m with you Ali.
Just got back from hospital, neutrophils too low can’t have chemo today. Gotta wait til next Fri now. Got childcare sorted etc for next week.

There’s always a silver lining though I suppose. My daughter has her first day at school on Monday so at least I’ll be able to take her as I wanted to (feeling well) rather than dragging myself out of bed to get her there.

Hope everyone else has had a more suceessful day than me!!!


Hi Alison

Sorry you didn’t get to have your chemo, it must be so hard, as you get yourself all prepared for it and then to find out its not happening must be awful. I hope it is all ok for next week though.

Take care

Hi Everyone

Felt rather low and lonely yesterday ( Sunday). Had 3rd FEC chemo on 8th April and after feeling ok afrter the first two felt really sick and couldn’t stop yawning the last two days. I stayed in all day and had a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon, got up in a foul mood wanting to push the walls out. House felt hot and stuffy. Went for a walk in the rain and it felt wonderful on my face and came home in a much better mood. Today forced myself into town but wasn’t really interested in buying anything, but feel I Must get out every day. Excuse all this but I am feeling rather sorry for myself. Tomorrow will be a better day!

lol to everyone going through chemo, 3 down and 3 to go. Looking back it does come around quite quickly, but oh how I wish it was behind me. I am even looking forward to radiology!!!

Judy x

Hi all, I had third FEC on April 7th and ok so far. Wondering if it was placebo too! First and second left me with terrible depression and mood swings in week two. Now I take less steroids. Even my appetite and taste has been normal. Sorry Alison that you couldn’t have it, I am dreading that as you have an end date in site don’t you, how frustrating. You’re right it does come round quickly but it’s hard to believe that at the start.

Liz x

Hi Liz

Seem to have lost our thread but with chemo brain Im surprised Ive still got the kids LOL!!! Glad to hear you are doing ok on No. 3 had mine last friday and apart from feeling a bit rough friday evening I seem to be doing well this time - hope Im not tempting fate. Good luck to all


PS can I just ask if anyone else has got really dry skin on their hands mine feel like sand paper even though I keep slathering cream on them?


Hi Karen, yes, dry hands. And feet, and legs and eyes and everywhere!


Me too, I find that E45 is helpful.

Hi All

Im off to a Look Good Feel Better today so Im going to see what they advise there will report back later, looking forward to doing something nice that doesnt involve getting boobs out of a dr putting gloves on LOL


Hi its me again. No 3 has really knocked me out. First proper day up since last Thurs(no 3 day). I thought it might be that it was an afternoon apt after 2 am ones but not sure. Yes to dry skin everywhere. I was advised to get some aqueous cream before I started and I’m glad I did. My mouth is horrible and sore and my weight goes up and down like a yo-yo. I feel like a toddler all unbalanced (not much different from normal then) and I can’t stay upright for long. I am determined to lose weight and get fit after all this. I feel so guilty about being grumpy but I find it so hard to give up being the boss at home yet part of me wants to just shut out the world. Do we all live in this strange limbo world part in and part out of it all. Sorry this is such a ramble. I find it very hard to talk about feelings except here 'cos family expect me to be optimistic and bouncy. They have enough problems w’out me being mis. So sorry for unloading here. At least I stayed vertical long enough to write this. Love to all on no 3 half way through at least!

Hi jenny, don’t worry about whinging that’s what we are here for!! I’ve done enough. Yes my weight is up and down, it’s the steroids that make you put it on I think. Someone I know said after my second FEC “eeh are you on steroids lovey cos you’ve got a moon face!” I can laugh about it now, but it does seem to make you swell up a bit. At least like you say we are half way. I seem to be buzzing with energy since no 3, don’t know why. Usually week 2 is very tiring.

Hugs to all

Liz x

Thanks Liz I felt embarrassed about my wobble yesterday. Still feel very off but only day 8. I think the weight gain from the steroids kicks in very fast as I had put on 4 pounds at weigh in and I lost five after stopping steroids this time. Does anyone know how sensitive the calculations are? I wondered about leaving the steroids until after the weigh in but the bottle says take after breakfast for 3 days. Jenny