Better mood after medication change anyone?

Has anyone had a change in mood for the better after changing their medication?

I changed feom letrozole to tamoxifen but the tamoxifen made my mood lower although less bone pain.
Swapped again to anastrozle and found that much easier. Unfortunately have had a new diagnosis so it obviously didnt work for me x

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I changed from Letrozole to Anastrozole and my hit flushes and horrid mood swings have become less and less
Still got fatigue but its much more manageable
Talk to your team, keep a diary of symptoms

Yes i feel better and joints so much better. Gone onto tamoxifem but only taking 5 mg a day as i have read about the trials that have been done. This is upto the individual i know but i feel so much better. :orange_heart: xx

What were you on Patyjane? I know everyone is different, people have different types, caused by different reasons and treated in different ways because of this, but it’ll be interesting to get an idea of someone else who has changed back to this medication, as life isn’t worth living anymore. Are you on anything like zoladex or prostap as well? or just Tamoxifen alone? I had issues with Tamoxifen for 4 1/2 years, but it never ruined my life and made me suicidal. AI treatments are the worst, and for a young woman, intolerable. Like I say, everyone is different, but if you’ve had mental health difficulties before no one tells you how much worse the medications will make it. I’ve had appointments with everyone and anyone who can ‘help’ and no one can, so I’d like to know if you lead as close to a ‘normal’ life as you led before on Tamoxifen alone as there doesn’t seem any point in life if the the medications kill you anyway. I also pleaded with the cancer team to reassure me that none of the medications would affect my sight as I was paranoid about my eyes and one of the medications or all of them has. The eye hospital think it’s ‘premature ageing’ so I live with constant cells and vitreous fluid in my eyes everyday. It is reported that nothing will ever repair eyes, so all I can hope it by getting as close to a state where I have more oestrogen as I should have at 42! might make something, anything better again. You mentioning new low dose trials is interesting too, it’s always interesting to run this past my Oncologist. is one of them this one do you know, the Howell & Howell study? Tamoxifen evolution | British Journal of Cancer

Hello louisa i know how you feel must be awful when you are young. I’m getting on a bit now lucky this is the first time for me. I was on lettrozol first was fine gor 3 weeks,then it kicked in !! I could hardly walk up stairs my knees were so painful. I was quite fit and never had pain like it before. I stayed on it for a year couldnt stand the pain anymore,do i chanhed to anastrozole. Nothing really changed. I do suffer with my mental health but it was the pain i couldnt stand. Do i asked if i could go on tamoxifem. Ive been on it about 2 months now and mostly ok. I had my op just under 2 years ago and then radio therapy. I still have no interest in sex really and have a few hot flushes. I do worry sometimes taking the reduced dose but at least havent hot too many side effects. Take care and hope you get soryed xx

Thanks for your reply PatyJane. :slight_smile: