Better to have ovaries shut down?

Seen BC nurse today, started spotting five weeks ago for one week and this week again (I’m 44 and on Tam since 04/2012), it looks as my ovaries start functioning again, she said to see BC surgeon in five weeks and see if there is a period like pattern to it and he might suggest to shut the ovaries down, but probably not as I was only weakly ER pos (4/8), she said they used to do it but think now there is not enough benefit.  But it might be up to me how I feel about it.  Now I like to get info about it before I see him, maybe it’s a good idea?


Anyone any thoughts?



Hi 3network3

Sorry you haven’t had any replies as yet, but to help you along I’ve put for you below the link to one of BCC’s publications for younger women.  Also the staff on our helpline will be only too happy to talk to you.  Calls are free, 0808 800 6000

Take care,

Jo, Moderator