Between diagnosis and treatment plan

Hello everyone, 


I was diagnosed with invasive BC two weeks ago and I have my MRI scan tomorrow. I’m horribly claustrophobic so I’m really not looking forward to it but I have sedatives and a supportive husband so hoping those two things in combo will help me get through it. 


This period between diagnosis and finding out what the score is with the treatment plan I’m finding really hard. Not knowing exactly what I’m dealing with does not sit well with me. I’m usually so in control of my life and this doesn’t fit into that very well at all. I don’t have any symptoms but I can’t work either - I can’t bear everyone’s sympathy (I’ve had to tell them) and I can’t concentrate on anything. So I’m home alone with my thoughts and fears. Anyone else out there in the same limbo period as me? 



hi Ali,
Yes, I remember it well! I was at the stage you’re at this time last year. This stage is difficult, but it does get better when the treatment plan is in place & you move forward.
I also had to have an mri scan, it was not as bad as I feared & I did not find it claustrophobic. I found it best to focus on the fact that the mri was to ensure I got the best treatment plan.
It will move on & you will feel better.
ann x

hi Ali,
The whole experience is so emotionally draining & the anxiety when waiting for results is horrible, as well
as coping with everything else, so try not to read too mich into it. I remember feeling the same at this stage. It will pass when you are out of the uncertainty bubble when the treatment plan’s confirmed.
You will come out the other side.
take care
ann x

Yes me. I have ben diagnosen with HER2+. Was given the info last Friday. Now I have to wait 1 1/2 week for my CT and bone scan.  This is my second time round. 3 years ago I had HER2-. I had a lympectomi and radiotherapy. This time I need a Mastectomy and chemotherapy. I have no idea when the op will take place and  the time scale of everything 

Hi I am exactly the same as you, diagnosed 13 Feb. Had MRI on Monday and I was fine. You lie on your front and your boobs dangle in 2 large tubes. I had 2 MRIs one without contrast and one with. I closed my eyes once I laid down with the headphones on, your face is in a round pillow with hole in the middle like a massage  bed, so you can breath and I did open my eyes and have a peak but it was bright so I just closed my eyes. I felt a bit like a ski jumper in the position I was in, like when they launch off the end of the jump. Honestly you will be fine. I meet with the consultant on Monday for a plan but I have chosen mastectomy in right side and if Mri shows anything then off goes the left one too. No reconstruction at this stage, just want the cancer out of me then recover, may need rads or chemo, won’t know until after operation. I went back to work after diagnosed but was half term, it was a distraction and I cried every time someone said sorry about news and hugged me. I have cried and grieved for my previous life then told myself to be strong and stop crying, it can be treated.

I had the same as you AliOG - diagnosed in December with invasive BC, grade 2. I also has an MRI which showed numerous tiny further suspicious areas so opted for mastectomy with immediate implant.I had my post-mastectomy results on Monday and all cancer has been removed (all 9 areas of it they found!) and my nodes were clear. I need no further treatment just Tamoxifen. The time between treatment is awful but once you get a confirmed plan it will be easier. I’m going back to work in 4 weeks and continuing my life as before cancer. All the best.

Hi AliOG - i’ve only had started taking it as was given the prescription on Monday - so early days (only had 4 tablets) - I’s sure there will be a thread somewhere otherwise perhaps ask - there’s be plenty of people out there who will be able to answer that question x

You arent alone… I am in a similar situation. Had 2 biopsiesdone on lump, came back malignant.  Then i am told another area in same breast looks suspicious.

had another 2 biopsies done monday just gone.  Appt next wednesday ( 8th ) with surgeon who will tell me the result .  Everything depends on the final results, whether it will be wide incision lumpectomy or whole mastectomy… Feel really psitive when telling family n close friends then inside me i’m **bleep** scared …

had bp check today at gp surgery n its really high.   I know its only me worrying but cant help it.

pre-op assessment on the 10th and surgery arranged for the 14th…

Diagnosed last Wednesday, mastectomy booked on 17 march if HER2+ negative. Just so tired, anyone else feel exhausted? I know I am not I’ll, just knackered. Sending love to all you other ladies, its a bummer isn’t it? xxxxx

So I have an aggressive 2.5 cm lump, triple neg, so need gene testing, surgery, chemo and rads. Pre op on weds so ready in case cancellation as desp to get the lump out. Can have lumpectomy or mx my choice.

Thank you! X

Hi all  was diagnosed mid January 17 with Tnbc I had left mx 30 January 2017 grade 3 stage 1 so good so far told by consultant no other test needed but 6 sessions chemo would be my insurance saw oncologist last week  expecting treatment plan only to be told due to preexisting lung disease that I have had since I was 3 and for which I do not take any medication and lead a normal life I am high risk for chemo need ct scan and to see chest specialist and should consider not having chemo at all. Now concerned what to do has anyone else been faced with this decision I feel I am losing valuable time in the desicion process does anyone else have bronchiectasis 

Hi not sure if anyone could help me. Had biopsy was told 14th of Feb i had breast cancer. Iv been in has a drip up with dye and went through mri. I’m still awaiting doctors getting back to me. I’m living in limbo iv no support network it’s awful. Could someone please help me X

Paulajane, I had my Mri Mon 27 Feb and it was discussed by Team on Friday same week and I then saw the Consultant Mon 6 March.I would call your breast care nurse or the clinic, it is so upsetting when you are waiting.