Beware the fundraisers! Very angry......

I’ve just emailed a charity as yesterday I thought I’d donated the contents of my purse to them, only to find out the collectors only hand over MINIMUM 10% of the donation! There were a couple of guys in our shopping centre, all decked out in the teeshirts with banners and a stand etc… all looked very official. They were selling small packets of sweets for £2, and there was nothing obvious to indicate that they weren’t official charity people, or that anything less than 100% of the donations would be used for the purpose it was donated for!
It wasn’t until I was home and looked at the packet that I saw the note in small print about the 10% going to the charity. I would have not bothered, and sent a donation instead if I’d have known… I actually feel conned.
Honestly, these sweets were just a small handful of dolly mixtures, must have cost pennies, and if they had a good day with generous people, these two could make a killing.
In future I will stick with my on-line donations and will never again donate to random strangers, however ‘official’ they seem!

Just noticed the name of the charity has been edited out of my post by the Mods, fair enough, just wanted to point out that I’m not in any way blaming the charity, and also that it was a breast cancer related one, which magnified my hurt and anger…

This is so annoying - all charities need as much money as possible yet it often seems that a large proportion of money given does not reach the charity. This reminds me of charity christmas cards that cost a lot more than ordinary cards but only a small donation is made to the charity. If someone wishes to make a contribution to a charity they would be better doing it directly (and using gift aid).

I know it sounds awful, but I tend to ignore street collectors for this simple reason. It is quite frightening how much these people get paid, so most of our hard earned money does not really go where we think it should. I am very choosy as to how and who I give to. Sorry to hear you were conned. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a B… I… seller on his mobile phone! Certainly does not inspire me to buy one of those. Have a great weekend.

Lynny5, at least the cards are labelled, so you have a choice. And generally sensible priced, not ideal but honest at least. But agree, just make a donation!
I did a quick calculation, guessing the sweets cost about 20 - 30p, with an extra 20p going to the charity, which means each donation of £2, about £1.60 is pure profit!! And overheads are non-existant, they just stand in a shopping centre. And I gave them more than the £2, thinking it all was going to the charity!!!

I refuse to have anything to do with chuggers as they’re on a big profit margin AFAIK, with very little going to the charity. And they seem to take over a high street at times so you can’t escape their clutches, they are so many of them.

This kind of thing is commonplace with big brands that leap on the “pink” bandwagon. Shove “breast cancer” and pink ribbons all over a product to boost sales then donate a paltry sum. One very large brand recently promised a “maximum of £150,000”. One can only wonder how much the pinkification of their brand boosted their sales. Well above £150k I am sure.

The whole practice stinks. And it refelcts very badly on charities as a whole.

If I were you CrazyDancer I would write to the CEO of the charity in question - if they were using official banners etc then the charity has some answering to do. I would also contact the management of the shopping centre - you have to have approval in order to operate in those places.

Bit like the “Ltd company” charity bags that come through your door…