beyond stressed

Hi Everyone,



Just wanted to share my story:


In the beginning of january my left breast started to hurt. 

It was a continuing, annoying pain that just wouldn’t go away.

At the same time I felt a big lump, so of to my GP I went and I got an appointment for a mammography.

The specialist saw the lump as well and he took a bit of tissue.

Long story short, it was a fibroadenoma and, because of the pain I decided to have it removed.


This was done 4 weeks ago and sadly the pain is still there :frowning:

It is not on one spot, but it moves around.

Sometimes it is in the breast, sometimes around the collarbone.


So I called the hospital again and I have to come back tomorrow.


It is stressing me out, I thought with the removal of the lump all would be done and dusted and I could continue my life without this immense dark cloud hovering over me.


They say breastcancer rarely hurts, but I was silly enough to google this and, of course, found proof that tells otherwise.


All sorts of things are going through my head from "my children won’t have any memories of me when I die " (they’re one and two years old and I lost my dad to cancer when I was 2,5 years old and have 0 memories of him)  to looking up where to buy a wig.

I know, dramatic isn’t it? But after 2,5 months of anxiety my thoughts are a bit…eh…dark.