Bi lateral mastectomy and bras

Hi everyone, my name is Jane, I’m knew on here now, I’ve recently had a bi lateral mastectomy and right now not bothered obviously in wearing bras, but obviously when going out somewhere- when we can and for when I go to work, just wondering if and what any ideas on bras to wear for comfort etc, thank you xx

Hi Janepeter1 - welcome to this lovely forum, I’m really glad you’ve found it and hope you will find lots of support. On a practical level, you might want to move this post to a different board on the forum so that more people can see it and respond - maybe have a look at the “going through breast cancer” or “moving forward” boards. 

I hope you are recovering well after your double mastectomy, and my best wishes for your continued recovery. I had a single mastectomy with an implant at the same time about 3.5 years ago. I have found Amoena and Nicola Jane the best, both in terms of comfort and especially their customer services. If you call them they both take their time to listen and advise. I use a small breast form over my real breast, in one of the pocketed bras, to even things up.

I’m happy to chat more or answer any other questions, including practical ones about this forum. Big hugs, Evie xx

Hi Janepeter1,

I had a bi lat mastectomy 6 weeks ago and totally get where your coming from…not bothered right now at all! However, I got the most comfortable bra and post surgery breast forms from M&S as the hospital said that due to COVID it would be many months before I could be fitted with prosthetics. It is so comfortable and the real beauty is I got to choose my boob size for the first time!! I have been a G cup for as long as I can remember and always found it hard to buy tops and bras were so expensive. I have gone for a D cup which is lovely and still gives me great shape! Really happy with my purchase. The bra is so soft and double bonus - you don’t pay any VAT on post surgery bras or prosthetics. Have a look on their site and see what you think. I went for the sumptuously soft in a bigger back size than I would normally due to all my swelling.

good luck! :purple_heart: