big breast after radiotherapy

hi all,

I had finished my radio about 5 weeks ago and had lots of skin burn and peeling for which i regularly used creams and antiseptic now much better. But my breast(left which had rads) has increased in size and bigger than the other breast and hard also. Is it a side effect of radiotherapy?


hi shammo

Good to hear you have finished your treatment. There are a few threads on here about breasts reacting to rads. Mine swelled up much larger than the other breast and stayed that way till very recently. I finished my treatment last summer. I have been told mine is fluid that will drain away eventually. Apparently we all react differently to it. I find now the fluid gets harder patches at times then in the morning they are gone.

If you have any concerns with yours contact your BCN, they always seem happy to reassure or take a look.

Best wishes Judy

thanks a million judy u made my day.


Hi Shammo,

If I were you I d check out the Lymphodema threads. You may get some answers. Truncal/breast lymphodema can start after rads with swelling of the breast. You can see the other symptoms there too.

I hope its not! Good luck!