Big day tomorrow!!

Hi there,

I’m trying to get myself prepared for tomorrow as I start my chemotherapy treatment. I have had my long hair cut into a short-ish bob, which wasn’t as traumatic as I expected it to be. I am nervous, and don’t know if I should be doing anything else before, are there certain foods I should eat or avoid? even silly things like can I use body lotion (seems a bit shallow I know). I meant to buy myself some magazines to take with me but didn’t get round to it, I know I’ll end up lugging a case with me full of unnecessary items. Any help or tips will be much appreciated.

Love and good wishes to you all,

Tracy xxx

Hi Tracy

I would say eat what you feel like, take a couple of magazines if you have waiting time, or an iPod or something. I haven’t thought about the moisurisers, I have just been doing what I normally do. Sorry this doesn’t help much, but I would say just do what you normally do and don’t be nervous. It really is much better than the anticipation, not so scary at all

I hope it all goes well for you.

Cecelia. x

Hello Tracy

If you’re going to use the cold cap then a cardigan is a good idea as you can get a bit cold. What type of chemo are you having?

What I found worked for me with FEC was to have a good breakfast before. I found that eggs and yoghurt are good stomach settling things to have. Then when I got home after chemo I took my anti sickness meds and didn’t try to eat but took it very easy - warm bath - and then sat up in bed with a glass of water and also one of Lucozade. I put more pillows on the bed so that I could sleep in a more upright position in case I felt very nauseous. Then the next day I was OK enough to start eating again.

Good luck - and let us know how you get on. I’ll be thinking about you.
Love Anthi

Hello Tracy,
Wishing you all the best for tomorrow.
Reading material is a good thing to take, when i was having my chemo we spent most of the day at onc., unit,…though i didn’t do much reading as i was always too nervous, but the waiting area was as my chemo nurse said ‘‘like a social club’’…plenty of talking and believe it or not laughter.
I was advised to drink about 2 litres of fluid a day…not including tea or coffee as they dehydrate…so drank 2 litres of water a day…not sure if that helped with side effects…but i was fortunate in not suffering too much.

karen x

Hi Tracy

Have you got someone going with you for your first one? - I took my best mate and thank goodness I did - could not have done it without her. Wouldnt have been able to concentrate on reading material! Agree with drinking plenty water - I took a 2 litre bottle with me and drunk it through the day. Take the medicines they prescribe you and just go with your body - everyone reacts different - I found I was ‘so so’ for 2-3 days after then comepletely ‘knocked out’ for 3-4 days - couldnt eat, stand, do anything in fact!! Just go with your body - thats the best advice I can give

Good luck
Let us know how you get on

Hi there,

Thanks for your messages and advice, I shall definatley follow it!

I am having 2 x CMF first (I think that’s what it was abbreviated as) followed by 3 - 5 of taxotere, it is neo-adjuvent as my tumour is quite large at 10cm and obviously needs to be shrunk down as much as poss prior to surgery.

I am being very positive, which is very unusual for me! I am normally a ‘glass half empty’ kind of person, but it seems when I really do have something to moan about I’ve managed to find an inner strength, which I expect is the same with a lot of the ladies on the site. This rotten illness certainly has a way of putting things into perspective.

Anyway, I will let you know how I get on.


Tracy xx

Good luck Tracy

Hope tomorrow goes OK for you and try not to worry too much (easy said I know). I was a jibbering wreck last week before my first chemo, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought and thankfully not had any side effects as yet. I try to drink lots of water, don’t always succeed, but did take the antisickness tablets they gave me to take home religiously for 3 days and haven’t suffered at all.

Hopefully you are taking someone with you. I took my OH and we just sat and chatted about nothing really. Was given a sandwich and drinks (although OH only allowed drink!).

The only think I have noticed is more tired than normal, although always tired anyway after running around with a 3 yr old and 9 month old - they don’t show me any mercy - bless them.

Anyway, emough rambling, good luck for tomorrow, thinking about you and hope you are like me and don’t suffer. Listen to your body for rests though.


well hi just want to say i know its not easy as i just finished chemo and radio therapy, now on herceptin after a mastectomy . all you can do is rest and it will all be over. i now look back and say that was quick so chin up and fight the fight xx

Hi Tracy

Having read your post - I think we are both quite similar people. Until Jan when I was dx I was also a ‘glass half empty’ person - now I am so positive - even I cannot believe it.

I wanted you to know that your chemo is very do-able - and totally worth it. I had 3 x EC followed by 3 x Taxotere Neo-adjuvent like you have planned. My ONC would not measure my tumour when I first went to her as it was big. My chemo finished in May and I had a Mastectomy on June 12th. The lump had shrunk to 21mm and all my team were very pleased with that.

I have to say that I think going through the chemo first is very helpful as you can feel the chemicals making a difference, as the lump shrinks. The surgery bit was a doddle after that.

I send you love and hugs and stay positive - by the time you read this you’ll have one chemo under your belt - take things in small steps and be kind to yourself.

Best Wishes

Wendy xoxoxox

Hi Tracy,

really sorry I’ve not messaged sooner, only just caught up with this thread! I guess I may have missed you by now, in fact you could be home already, one down!!! Welcome to the ‘chemo caners club’!!

I was in and out in under 2 hours on my first chemo session, but I didn’t do the cold cap so thats prob why. I started E-CMF in May, mine was post-mastectomy (can’t remember the posh name for it!).

Anyway I hope it went/goes really well today. May your side effects be almost non-existent! I was scared shi**ess when I went for my first session, I cried and everything! Thankfully though the tears were short lived and it was nowhere near as scary an experience as I’d allowed myself to imagine it would be. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that the same applies to you!

Take care and be sure to let us know how you got on,



Again I am a glass half empty person and all these lovely ladies on here reassured me that it can be done. I wasnt even gonna go thats how scared I was!! Mt first one was two days ago(wed) and i have been taking the antisickness drugs religiously and feeling fine - may even pop out for a quick drink tonight with my OH. Noty sure if I should expect anymore side effects once my antisickness drugs run out but at the mo i am feeling fine.

I hope all goes well for you.

Love Lynne.x

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your lovely, reassuring messages. I have literally just got home from first chemo and don’t feel too bad yet - not sure how I’ll feel a bit later on though. I did try the cold cap for about an hour or so, but I a bit uncomfortable with it so took it off, the nurse said I could try it again next time if I wanted to, but I’ll have to think about that one! To be honest, it was pure vanity that made me want to try it and I have since seen such lovely hats, scarves and wigs that I’m not so bothered about it now.

Lynne, I did read your thread before you had chemo and am delighted that it all went well for you and may it continue that way, go and have a drink tonight with your OH and enjoy yourself!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Love and best wishes,

Tracy xxx

Hi Tracey

Sorry, I missed your first message, but like Kelly, wanted to say welcome to the Club !

I too had chemo today (my 7th out of 8th) and don’t know where the time has gone. Have got mastectomy, rads and herceptin to follow, but am so chilled out about it all these days - the negative, pessimistic Julie has been replaced with a much more positive one - must be all the drugs - LOL !

I didnt go for the cold cap, and my hair started coming out after my second chemo - I did buy a wig but never wore it and stick with bandana’s now.

You have a lovely weekend too, and I hope your chemo side effects are minimal !

Lots of love

Julie xx

Hi Tracey

Well done on getting through your first chemo - hopefully wasn’t as bad as you thought. Probably feel knackered later on tonight I did last week after my first session but hopefully you will have no sickness. Have they given you lots of antisickness tablets - take them, they worked for me.

Didn’t try cold cap myself as not an option for me, but been told it is not that pleasant, but at least you tried and could give another go if you like next time.

Anyway, have a fab weekend, rest when your body tells you and hopefully you will be ok.


Hi Tracy,

good on 'ya for getting through your first chemo session. Its scary stuff but I hope you found it to be nowhere near as bad as you had imagined. I hope you are doing ok so far and aren’t suffering with any of the troublesome side effects too much. I don’t blame you for sacking the cold cap after a while, I was not even brave enough to try it all!! What a whimp! At least you can give it another go if you want to though.

Hope you have a nice weekend. Be sure to take things easy,


Hi Julie, Dawn & Kelly,

Feel a lot better today, I was given 3 lots of tablets for anti-sickness and have taken them like a good girl!! By the way, I got the name of my first lot of chemo wrong, it is AC (not CMF as I said before) and this will be followed by Taxotere - I got that bit right!

Believe me Kelly, you are not a wimp! I’m not sure if I have the guts to have another go at it - I might try it if they let me undo that awful chin strap - but in the meantime I am going wig and bandana shopping!

Think I’ll go and throw myself onto the sofa now for a couple of hours and watch some trashy TV!!

Love to you all,

Tracy xx

Hi Tracy

Glad to hear you are feeling OK today and not suffering. I have just received my false eyelashes and little (pink for my little girl) hats to wear - one at night and then a day one in case I get sick of wearing my wig. If you want the website it is:

They have all sorts on there, so should find something, and although in america, I ordered think it was the weekend and it arrived today. So fast delivery too.

Anyway, hope you have a great weekend.

Take care

Hi Dawn,

I have looked at the headcovers website and was really interested in the eyelashes, please let me know how you get on with them - and if you like them, I will certainly order some when the time comes. I ordered a ‘buff’ today from the buffwear site, I heard that they are really versatile and look quite easy to wear, will probably need to practise manipulating them into the various style options!

Suppose I should go and get on with the dinner, I have just cooked a great cauldron of new potatoes to make potato salad, only to find I have no mayonaise - Still, not worth getting wound up about in the grand scale of things!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Tracy xx

Hi Tracy

Will let you know about the eyelashes, although only had 1 session of chemo so far and not sure what stage they may fall out if they do, just thought would get myself prepared so didn’t look too much like an alien.

We are having chinese tonight, so no cooking, although Grandad doing all the cooking while he is staying here and supposedly helping with the children … more when suits though, but great not to have to cook or think of things to cook!!!

Have good day tomorrow.