Big lump after surgery,is this natural?

Hi everyone, its my first post sohope i’m doing this right! I had my op 2 weeks ago today, my breast seems to be shrinking daily but what worries me is the big, hard lump i can feel and see there. Is this normal? The nurse said it is even though she has not seen it (we spoke on the phone) My results are Friday 23rd. I’m so worried about everything. Thank you all xxx

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I had a WLE and SNB on 30 Oct and had a lumpy breast where the scar was also a lump under my arm where they removed the lymph node. These have gone down a bit now but feel bigger at times than at others. Keep doing the exercises as it helps.

Hi, I had a WLE and SNB on 8th Nov. I’ve got a hard, tight feeling lump on the side of my breast so called my breast clinic yesterday. The nurse said it was fluid collecting and they prefer to leave it as it’s often absorbed back into the body over time. I can actually hear fluid sloshing about when I lie down…yuck, it’s so weird!
tomorrow will b… I’m waiting for my results next week too. I hope we both have positive news so fingers, toes, everything crossed! Let me know how you get on x

Thanks for your feedback . I will let you know my news next week and please let me know yours .I too have everything crossed. Good luck.x

Hi Everyone
Had my op two weeks ago today and my breast is very hard and lump around the scar. Getting results tomorrow - good luck everybody.

Hi Jennifer, my lump isabove my scar, I also haveone under my arm on scar. The one on my breast is very hard and it can be seen through my t shirt. I get my results Friday, really scared. The waiting (3weeks) is sending me crazy. Hope we get the best news we can .Please let me know how you get on. I will say a prayer for you. Good luck.