Big toenails coming off!!!

Big toenails coming off!!!

Big toenails coming off!!! I’ve had 4 epis and started my first CMF last Wednesday. Over the weekend I’ve noticed that both my big toenails are coming away from the skin. It looks as if one is only hanging on by a little bit and it looks as if I’m going to lose both of them - yuck!!!
Has this happened to anyone else??? will they grow back???

One of mine was dodgey to start with, fungus I think, yuk. But since chemo it has gone purple underneath and feels quite loose so I think I am joining the club! Just one more body part I’m missing!


1 toenail gone Just to say one of my big toenails came off last night - gross!!! Theres not a lot else that can fall off now - I feel I could get up tomorrow and my nose might fall off.
thats all I can think of its chemo attacking things that grow fast - well if thats the case thank goodness I’m not a man!!!

Yes, mine both fell off while I was having taxotere. It was no problem and they grew back fine!

thanks seascape - that really helped knowing that they will grow back. I don’t mind waiting as long as it happens- thanks