I have recently had a left breast mastectomy and am struggling to find a bikini I can wear with a prosthesis 

I have searched suppliers online but with no success, does anyone have any suggestions please?

Hi there _- _guess you’ve already scoured the usual sites that do pocketed products. 

You may be able to just wear a full cup bikini top - might depend on the size needed. 

Also thought this link might be helpful, if you’re handy with a sewing needle - it’s instructions of how to add your own pocket to clothing to accommodate a prothesis.

Like you I wear a prothesis - I wear swimwear that has a lot of ruching (is that the right term)?  I don’t bother with the prothesis as with this style it’s not really noticeable that I’m no longer symmetrical! However, I’m an old girl and no longer so body conscious as I once was…