Bil uplift and recon

After 2 x WLE ( quadranectomy) lumps 4.2 cms,and nodes too,with chemo first and rads after, I was left with a Rt breast much smaller than the Lt But I did not have a Mx. My lovely lovely surgeon always said I was up for mammoplasty that is until I needed 2nd WLE and more tissue was obviously required to be removed. Now he has retired.2011
So I got on with my life 2012
But then I decided I would like some symmetry and being able to wear bras/clothes that fit and be able to swim again in a cozzie that fits.I was referred to a PS at the breast clinic he has a brill CV/reputation He has offered to do an uplift and reduction on my ‘good’ side and an uplift and reshapy thing on my BC side.
I waited for 5 mnths then found I wasn’t even on the waiting list a ‘blip’ Now after much toing and froing looks like I am on for 9th Jan. I will not need implants and know of no-one needing this op
Has anyone got any info please ?
J xx


I had BC in 1991, treated with lumpectomy and radiotherapy. By 2007, I was very asymmetrical and my good side was more than twice the size of the BC side. In 2008, I had a reduction on the “good” side and uplift on the other. I was offered an implant, but preferred this option as I felt the smaller breast was more in proportion with the rest of my body.

The results were excellent, and I was more comfortable than I expected, although I can’t say there was no pain. Although there is quite a lot of scarring, this fades over time. For the first time in years, I was happy with my body and able to wear the sort of clothes I would have liked to have worn had I felt more confident (little strappy vest tops, summer dresses, clothes with a clevage).

You won’t regret having this done. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Good luck for 9th!


Hi Libby I am 3weeks postop I hade WLW with therapeutic mammoplasty on right breast. I have a blood condition and in case of complications the surgeon suggested waiting till after Reds to have the left breast reduced, I have an appointment in June, so I think could be some time before I am symmetrical again, now already what you mean about clothes and bras the sooner the better for me let me know how you get on ANN.G XX

Hi Margaret and Ann Thank you so much for your positive replies it really helps as I know of no one having/had this op. Although of course I did not go into it lightly.It is so very encouraging that you are very pleased with the results Margaret. I will PM you
Good luck with your recovery Ann and hope your recovery continues well J xx

So far it looks like I am still on for my op on 9th.Have to go for more blood tests part of the pre - op stuff in the morning. Finally the PS breast care nurse did get back to me no need to take a bra in for coming home in So far so good

I did have my op on 9/11. Reduction and uplift on ‘good’ side and reshapy /uplift on BC side.
I am amazed I did not expect the original scar to go and for that side to look so good.
OK only 10 days on. Had dressings removed after 6 days and have to go back to specialist PS nurse again next Tues she is to assess whether I need stitches removed from ‘lollipop’ scar.Curve under boob has dissolvable sutures.
Getting a bit stir crazy doing nothing but as there is thick snow on the ground I am fairly housebound anyway.
Thanks for your replies this really helped Margaret thanks for your PMs
and Anne hope all goes well with your recovery J xxx