Bilateral hadfields procedure any advice ?

I’ve just been told by my consultant that I have to have a bilateral hadfields procedure. I’ve been reading up on it online and I’m starting to get very scared about the whole thing. This may sound very vain but I’m concerned about how I will look after the operation. I’m only very small chested and worry how I will look after. Has anyone else out there had the operation I’d really love some advice. Thanks in advance.

Hi butterfly77

I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies to your question as yet, but hopefully someone will now see your post and reply.  In the meantime our helpline team will be only too happy to talk to you about any concerns you have, they’re here to support you.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000 lines open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Hi Butterfly77

I had the hadfields operation on my right breast in December and a couple of weeks ago was put on the waiting list to have the left side done. Not had my appointment through yet.

Initially after the operation, I had a lot of swelling and it took a few months for it to go down. My nipple is still inverted but the procedure has stopped the leaking discharge. Luckily result was duct ectasia and not bc. I’m not worried about the procedure to my left side as I know what to expect from the operation. Do you have a date for your operation yet?

Take care,

Helen xx

Hi Helen,

Thanks so much for the reply. I know it sounded vain but as I’m quiet small chested I was worried about how I would look after they had removed the ducts. I know my health is the main priority but as a women I worry about the other things too.
No operation date yet but happening very soon as I’ve been bleeding from both nipples for over 4 months now.
Hope you’re ok and good luck for the next operation.
Take care xx

Hi again Helen,

I’ve just had my date through for my operation. I’m having the hadfields procedure on both sides on the 24th of September.
Very nervous but more about what I will look like after the operation. As I understand they make an incision under both nipples and remove all of the ducts what I’m concerned about is if they are removing tissue will it leave me looking disfigured afterwards. Sorry for the rant but would just like to be prepared for after the operation. Xx

Hi Butterfly77,

Yes they do make an incision along the underside of the areola. Initially i was upset with what it looked like and i was very self conscious, i didn’t like undressing in front of my partner but he was very supportive. I had a lot of swelling so it took a good few months for it to go down. Now, I am happy with the result. The nipple is still inverted, more so than before but since the swelling has gone down, it does look ok and you can’t really see the scar.

I’ve not received a date yet for the left side, but am sure I will here soon.

Keep me posted!!

Take Care xx

Thanks for replying I haven’t got anybody else to talk to and it really helps to be able to ask questions so thanks again.
At least Im able to have both sides done in the same operation and I only have to wait a few weeks I thought I’d have to go on a long waiting list.
Hope you get your date through soon let me know when you do.
Take care xx

Hi Helen,

Any luck with the date for your next operation? I’m starting to get really nervous now as I’m going in next weds ?xx

Hi Butterfly77,

I’ve not heard anything yet, last time i received a call about 4 weeks after my clinic appointment, so hopefully i will hear something soon. I am considering giving the clinic a call as i’m getting pain in the nipple that was operated on and the glands under my armpit are swollen.

I expect you are nervous. Have they said what they think it can be? Xx

I’ve been very lucky with my care. I went to see my consultant and he gave me my operation date there and then and I’ve only had to wait 3 weeks!!
I’m having both sides done at the same time I’m still having bleeding both sides every single day and the pain in both my breasts is still unbearable. I have a lump in my armpit too he will be investigating it further when I have the operation on Wednesday so fingers crossed I finally get a solution to all of this as it’s been going on for months.
You really should call the clinic or go straight to your Gp and demand some answers as you have been waiting a very long time and your circumstances have changed also. I know what a dam worrying time it is and what you are going through.
I do understand what the operation entails but as they are cutting under the areola and taking about 1cm of tissue out does it leave the breast looking deformed afterwards? Sorry to ask but that is worrying me.
Thanks for talking to me about this it’s really helping xx

I forgot! They give me a date at my clinic appointment, i had to wait 9 weeks for the operation but then they called me to say there was a cancellation at another hospital and could see me the following week. The hospital was too far away from me, so I kept the original date.

My nipple was left disfigured for a few months afterwards due to swelling.They were concerned as they thought there was an underlying malignancy that was causing the problem. I had to 2 mammograms, one which was a recall and 2 further ultrasounds, one which the senior radiologist did. The nipple is still inverted but it looks almost like it did before the operation and the operation worked, i no longer have the discharge. It’s good that they are doing both sides at the same time. My left side was noticed by the surgeon!

I know i should chase my operation up. They have been very thorough with me, i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in December 2009, been clear for just over 3.5 years but they check my neck as well. I will wait another week or so before phoning them. I have the mirena coil, so don’t have periods, if its hormonal, then the gland will go down. It could be another infection, but not sure how that could be as all the milk ducts were taken. I dont mind you asking questions and talking to me, it does help, it’s helping me too. Which hospital are you under? Xx

Wow bless you ,you have been through it!!
I’m just praying its nothing serious I’m probably just being silly. I’m in kent how about you? Xx

No, you’re not being silly. I really hope everything comes back fine for you. I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire but originally from Portsmouth. I’ve been up here for nearly 12 years xx

Well please keep in touch you’ve been a real god send for me xx

Hi Butterfly77,

Hope you are feeling ok and I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Take care xx

Thank you I really appreciate the message. Very nervous to be honest hope you’re well xxx

Well I’m hope and the op all done. All went ok but wasn’t prepared for how much it would hurt afterwards!
I hope you don’t mind me asking but I’m concerned about the bruising and swelling on one side.
My right side is just slightly swollen with light brushing (24 hours post op) but my left side is considerably swollen and half of my nipple has turned jet black with the bruising is that normal ?


I tried posting earlier but my internet signal was weak. I am glad you are home and feel ok. I had both bruising and swelling. The swelling lasted for a few months afterwards, however it did eventually go down. To keep comfortable, i wore my old maternity bras as they were lovely and soft, i felt like my breast was dragging when i didnt wear one. If things don’t improve or they get worse, i would call the breast clinic xx

Hi Butterfly77,
How are things going? Hope all is ok. I Have my date through for my operation. It’s on the 16th October, unfortunately it’s on my little girls birthday xx


Thanks for the message, well it’s day 10 after my operation and on one side it doesn’t look like I’ve had anything done but on the left side it’s still so bruised, black and purple. But still early days.
That’s good news that you have a date for the operation unfortunate its on her birthday!
At least it will be done though.
I have an appoinent next weds with my surgeon to get the results as he comedy removed both sets of my ducts to be examined.
Take care xx